Advice on Financial Planning

Advice on financial planning can include almost any money matter and its planning. Most important of all with regard to advice on financial planning is the balancing of your monetary needs. For instance, if you put all of your income toward parenthood and affording your children, there would be major money problems in every other area of your life.

When you plan money matters, you will find that the planner (even if it is yourself) who maintains the best balance might at least have a chance at meeting your goals and giving you the results you desire. Advice on financial planning will have you first save some cash. This helps you cope without creating debt, if you have any surprise bills and fees. One big one is needing a new heating system.

If you take poor financial advice, you might consider charging the whole amount on a credit card, or have to incur a long-term loan, you would be tying up money in interest and debt. It could be wiser to save as much as you can, because it empowers you. So, when you do meet a surprise expense, it will allow you to take control and do what you need to do.

Saving Advice

When you are trying to set aside an emergency fund and a few months' living expenses, it might seem like a good idea to skip saving altogether. After all, it might seem like you will come head to head with so many surprises, that you are constantly having to start your savings funds over, again and again. This might also be particularly true if you are a contract worker who basically has had to wipe out savings between gigs.

If that is not the case, then you may see that the money starts to grow on its own, thanks to interest and its power of compounding. Advice on financial planning may then dictate that you save even more money. This time it would go first toward retirement accounts, such as maximizing your 401k contributions, and then your Roth IRA contributions.

When you have done this, then you are told to next save some more money. This time you are saving toward a home, in the way of a down payment. Advice on financial planning says that it is prudent to spend 28% of your gross income on your full mortgage payment every month. Oh, and if you want to buy a home, the bank will count any credit card debt or loans (education, car) toward your payment ability.

So, if you already owe $300 per month for an education loan, $200 for a recurring car payment, and an additional $200 per month on credit card debt, you will be reducing the amount that the bank can lend you for a home. They determine the debt to income ratio that is allowed (a certain percent) and then account for your existing debts. This is another compelling reason to save as much money as possible.

Advice on financial planning is good to seek out, especially if you are wanting to learn about other ways of investing your hard earned money, planning how to save for your kids' college, or to pay off your debt. Otherwise, you are going to be held to task and told if you need to find a higher paying job, pay off debt, and the like.

Choosing a Professional Planner

There are professionals who offer advice on financial planning for every conceivable special area of your monetary life. If you are going through a divorce, there is a professional for that, and they have advice on financial planning for you. If you are just about to lose your shirt, there is professional advice for that kind of financial planning. Financial planning advice can also be sought if you are having a bunch of life-altering changes happening concurrently.

If you are changing careers, re-educating yourself for a new life, wanting to retire on a secluded island -- or just to Florida, then financial planning advice is powerful and cannot be underestimated. Though, do look for their credentials.

There are credentialing bodies that give these financial planning professionals their credentials. There is the Certified Financial Planner Board, the National Association of Personal Financial Planners. Both hold these advice professionals to fiduciary standards, meaning they are required to work with your best interest, not their own.

Check these professional sites to find out if your planner has credentials, has any corrective actions for any wrong-doing against them. Make sure that they have the right kind of experience to suit your individual needs. And, know that just because Cousin Susan loved Joe Smith, that he may not be able to meet your advice needs.

Advice on financial planning comes in many forms. You can do-it-yourself. Or, hire a professional.

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