The AMEX brand is a brand that many of us know well and mainly because of the credit card products that are offered and frequently referred to as "American Express."

Even as a credit card, American Express is very unique in that a person can borrow, but they have to pay back the entire amount charged to the credit card by the due date. There is no system of making payments except for the payment that pays off the balance. This actually saves those who have American Express cards quite a bit of money in interest.

There is also the American Stock Exchange, which tends to be confused with American Express financial solutions.

American Express

American Express offers credit card services and a variety of financial instruments such as market linked CDs that help both consumers and businesses. For instance, there are services to help small businesses manage their expenses. They also provide corporate credit cards to businesses to help in this expense management and give a little more leverage financially.

Small businesses are offered special cards that give early pay discounts if a balance is paid off early and discounts when a certain amount of money is spent on the card.

There are also commercial cards and a range of services for larger businesses. This helps businesses better manage their expenses by managing corporate travel expenses, and so much more.

American Express is also the issuer of Traveler's Cheques. Actually, in recent years, American Express has implemented the Traveler's Cheque card that makes replacing lost money even easier because it works just like a debit card. This has helped both consumers and businesses carry out transactions faster, while allowing individuals to be able to easily replace a lost card while traveling around the world.

There are also a number of financial services that are offered to help individuals become more successful financially.

American Stock Exchange

Where American Express carries a number of financial tools that help individuals and businesses, the American Stock Exchange serves as a doorway to where people can invest the money they save in order to make it grow. But this is not the only exchange because the different exchanges compete with one another in regards to volume.

From 9:30a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday the American Stock Exchange is in business. It has been around for quite some time and has an incredibly lengthy history. It is also the third largest stock exchange in regards to its trading volume in the United States. It was, however, purchased by NYSE Euronext in 2008 and its name has been changed to NYSE Amex Equities as of 2009. [1] This resulted in the closure of the American Stock Exchange building and now trading has been moved to the NYSE building.

This acquisition removed a large competitor from the mix for the NYSE. As of today, a majority of the trading that occurs is derivatives, small-cap stocks, and exchange-traded funds. Despite this, the AMEX is responsible for 10% of the securities that are traded. [2] The main competitor that keeps the NYSE on its toes nowadays is NASDAQ.

So what you can do is consult with a certified financial advisor about what you want to do for yourself financially. If you want to utilize the financial instruments provided by American Express, you can make that a part of your financial plan. If you want to invest in something such as the securities traded within the American Stock Exchange, now known as NYSE AMEX Equities, you can. Your financial advisor can help you to identify your current financial position and then make the right financial decisions.

[1] 06/07/2010
[2] 06/07/2010

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