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An Anchorage financial advisor can provide you with advice on all of your monetary needs. Whether you are an Anchorage, AK college student who would like to find a way to continue your education or a new couple in Alaska who is planning parenthood, you will benefit from the advice of an Anchorage financial advisor.

Using a Finance Consultant

There are many types of an Anchorage financial advisor available to fit your needs. From Alaska retirement planning to buying a home, you can find a Alaska consultant that is trained specifically to provide you with answers in Anchorage. An Anchorage financial advisor is someone who can help you maintain a economic balance through investments, mutual funds, stocks and bonds, or other avenues. The most common types of advisors include certified public accountants, investment representatives, insurance consultants, financial attorneys and planners. Which one you choose depends on the needs you have.

A certified public accountant is one of the most well trained Anchorage advisors available. They generally have a broad background in several different finance arenas and also possess a certification from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. A certified public accountant is an excellent choice for small or large businesses.

An investment consultant or investment representative is someone who can provide help with 401k or Roth IRA planning along with other investments. If you are thinking about finding a way to retire early, an investment consultant may be able to help you determine what investments are the best ones for you.

If you are thinking about starting a small business you may find the advice of an insurance consultant helpful as well as the certified public accountant. Insurance consultants can provide you with information on everything from workers compensation to commercial liability insurance requirements. There are many pitfalls in business insurance requirements today. The help of this particular Anchorage advisor can be invaluable.

Finance attorneys are an Anchorage financial advisor that is helpful for everything from setting up a will to buying a home. These advisors can provide excellent advice to first time homebuyers. They can read through the documents and provide answers to anything the homebuyer does not understand. They will also help with catching any unforeseen problems in the documents before the homebuyer signs them.

Retirement Planning

An Anchorage financial advisor can help with your 401k or Roth IRA plan. Whether you are someone who needs help with their 401k plan or are a small business that would like to start one for employees, a retirement consultant can help. A 401k plan is a contribution plan, which allows employees to contribute part of their pay to an account.

These contributions are tax deferred meaning that they are not taxed at the time of the contribution but rather at the time of payout, usually upon the retirement of the individual. The Alaska employers can also contribute to a 401k typically in a matching scenario where they will match a percentage of the employee's contribution up to a certain amount. This money is not considered to belong to the employee until they are 100% vested with the company. This is usually earned over time with the company.

An IRA is an individual retirement account that is a personal savings plan rather than an employer savings plan. These plans provide tax advantages as some of the contributions can be deductible. In a Roth IRA however, the contributions are not deductible but the earnings accumulate without tax and will remain tax free when the money is dispersed. There are several other types of retirement plans available. Talk to a retirement planner for more information.

Finding a Financial Advisor

There are several ways to find a financial advisor in Anchorage, AK. You can look for one online, find one in the phonebook, or consult your better business bureau. No matter how you choose an Anchorage financial advisor you should be sure you work with one who is licensed and insured in Anchorage.

Financial advisors collect fees and/or commissions in several different ways. There are fee only, fee based, or client centered charges. Fee only means that the financial advisor will charge fees for the work they do but will not earn commissions on what they sell you or what you make unlike a fee based advisor who will earn both fees and commissions. This type of charge is one of the most fair as your financial advisor is working directly for you and not earning commissions from another company. Client centered fees are based on the assets managed for the customers.

An Anchorage financial advisor is someone who can provide individuals and businesses with advice on any number of monetary issues or questions. Whether you are a business owner or a college student, you can benefit from the information an Anchorage financial advisor can provide you.

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