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An Athens financial advisor is a qualified professional with experience in developing time tables to help GA residents meet their financial goals. Having an experienced advisor on your side can relieve you of the anxieties of creating your own budget, figuring out savings strategies for retirement and financing your children's college education. An advisor has expertise in all of these areas. In addition, many Georgia financial advisor professionals have specialized training in securities, tax preparation or estate planning.

Athens, GA is the home of the University of Georgia, an institution that has provided economic stability for the community for generations. The city also has economic interests in publishing and tourism. Raising your family in Athens, you've probably had concerns about your children's future and financing their education. Athens is a highly cultured community, and many parents have dreams of seeing their children graduate from one of the colleges or universities in Georgia.

One of the responsibilities of an Athens financial advisor is to convert your dreams into practical realities by giving you tools for budgeting, saving and planning. When you work with an Athens financial advisor, you can break down your large objectives into smaller, manageable goals. Whether you're a young adult entering the first stages of parenthood or an older professional thinking about retiring, an advisor can help you plan a more secure financial future in Athens.

Planning Your Income in Retirement

When you're ready to end your career, you'll finally be able to take full advantage of the fruits of your savings. If you've participated in a 401k through your employer or you have your own IRA, you'll be eligible to collect distributions. If you've held a Roth IRA, you won't owe taxes on your distributions because your contributions have been deducted after taxation. Develop a plan with your Athens financial advisor for integrating your distributions into your budget.

As you are told in any financial planning course, the amount of money you can withdraw from your savings accounts after you retire depends on a number of factors. The funds you've saved, the interest you've accrued on your savings and your age all make a difference. To buffer your funds against the ups and downs of the market, your financial advisor may recommend that you withdraw a portion of your savings and place the money in an account that you can access easily. If the market takes a downturn, the bulk of your savings will remain secure.

Once you've reached a certain age, you'll be legally required to begin collecting distributions from your IRA. At this point, you may decide to reduce your withdrawals from other accounts to allow those reserves to continue to grow. If you want to continue investing in the stock market, you may be more interested in less volatile stocks and more concerned about the security of your assets. Your Athens financial advisor will help you make wise choices in how to invest your funds in retirement.

Many older adults in Athens elect to go back to work after they've officially retired. If you're vital and active, retiring may not turn out to be as relaxing as you thought it would be. Many retired professionals find it more stressful to be unoccupied than to work part-time. If you decide to go back to work after retiring, talk with your Athens financial advisor about how you should adjust your account distributions to compensate for any additional cash flow. Your Athens financial advisor can also help you modify your taxes to reflect your new source of income.

Estate Planning Strategies in GA

For most of us, planning for the immediate future takes up so much of our attention that we don't have much time left over to prepare for the distribution of an estate. Your estate constitutes your assets in Athens, including your home, your accounts and any other real property or financial holdings. Your estate also represents your children's inheritance and the legacy that you leave to your family.

To make sure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death, work with an Athens financial advisor to write a will, prepare an advance directive and elect a proxy who can act on your behalf if you lose the ability to make your own financial decisions. An advisor with expertise in estate planning can assist you in preparing these vital documents so that your loved ones will inherit the assets they deserve.

Having adequate life insurance is another essential component of estate planning. In order to replace your income after your death, pay for the costs of your funeral and pay any outstanding debts, you'll need to have sufficient coverage through a stable insurance provider. Consult your Athens financial advisor about finding an insurance policy that will cover your final expenses and leave your loved ones financially secure.

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