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A Bellevue financial advisor can show you how to reap the benefits of living in the exciting economic climate of WA. Located near Seattle, a worldwide hub of technological and creative innovation, Bellevue is quickly becoming one of the most prosperous communities in Washington. If you dream of running your own start-up company, an experienced financial advisor can give you the tools you need to develop a successful business plan.

If you're preparing for parenthood, buying a home in Bellevue or starting a savings fund for your children's college education, a Bellevue financial advisor will work these goals into your budget. A Washington financial expert knows the pros and cons of different educational savings vehicles. Use a professional's advice to help you maximize your income in the rapidly expanding community of Bellevue.

Retirement planning is one of the primary responsibilities of a Bellevue financial advisor. Although it's easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of social and professional opportunities that Bellevue offers its younger adults, you should carve out time from your schedule to sit down with your advisor and talk about your future and consider a savings plan, such as a small business retirement account if you're an entrepreneur. If you haven't opened a 401k through your employer in WA, this individual savings strategy is a good way to begin paving your road to financial independence.

Investing with a Bellevue Financial Advisor

When you're starting out in the world of financial investment, the task of selecting stocks, bonds or money market accounts can seem daunting. An investment advisor with specialized training and experience in securities can guide you in making smart choices based on your risk tolerance. Whether you're looking for a volatile fund with a high earning potential or a more stable, conservative option, a trustworthy professional won't push you out of your comfort zone.

For many working adults in Bellevue, the first step in maximizing income involves contributing to an IRA or Roth IRA. With a traditional individual plan, you dedicate a portion of your pre-tax income to an account that accrues dividends and interest. Your contributions are generally tax-deductible, and your earnings are not taxable until you take your distributions. Individual accounts offer a simple, convenient way to set aside income and make your money grow.

With the Roth option, your contributions are deducted after taxes, and your contributions are not tax-deductible. The advantage of a Roth plan is that you pay no taxes when you're eligible to collect your distributions. When you plan your estate, you may be able to pass on your earnings to your beneficiaries as a tax-free portion of their inheritance.

If you're ready to invest more aggressively, talk with your Bellevue financial advisor about building your own portfolio of annuities, stocks or bonds. Your advisor can help you make wise, practical investment decisions. At tax time, having a professional's advice may allow you to avoid penalties on the money you earn through your accounts. The longer you maintain your investments, the less tax you may owe when you're ready to collect distributions.

Launching A Business in Washington

The stimulating creative environment of Bellevue has inspired many entrepreneurs to launch ventures that have grown into world-class corporations. Whether you dream of running a software company in WA, starting a small internet design firm or opening a coffee shop in your neighborhood, a Bellevue financial advisor can help you design an effective plan. If you haven't consulted an advisor for your personal financial planning, talk with an expert about strategies for turning your vision into a viable operation.

Unfortunately, many small businesses fail as a result of inadequate planning. If you haven't correctly projected your earnings, calculated your costs of operation and figured out your taxes, you may run into trouble during your first year. To increase your chances of making your enterprise a success, talk with a Bellevue financial advisor before you plot your course of action.

As a small business owner, you'll not only be responsible for the future of your company, but for your own personal financial needs. As you work with your Bellevue financial advisor to secure insurance for your property, make sure you have adequate health and life insurance for yourself and your family. Your advisor can assist you in negotiating affordable contracts with insurers in Washington.

When you're just starting out as a small business owner, any plans to stop working may seem not only distant, but unrealistic. However, preparing for the time when you retire should be a key component of your personal time table. As an entrepreneur, you can take advantage of specialized savings vehicles for self-employed individuals. Your Bellevue financial advisor will keep you on track with your goals for your senior years, even as you work to build your enterprise in the present.

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