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A Berkeley financial advisor specializes in helping you set and achieve long-term goals. If you're like many residents of California, you may be preoccupied with short-term objectives, like paying monthly bills, securing a raise at work, purchasing items for your home or repairing your car. A professional CA financial advisor brings your focus to the future so that you can prepare for a secure retirement.

Berkeley, CA is one of the most culturally diverse, intellectually rich cities in the Golden State. Home to one of the University of California's most prestigious campuses, Berkeley has experienced a wealth of developments in science, technology and the arts. As part of the exciting climate of this Northern California community, you can boost your financial potential and increase your net worth with the help of a seasoned Berkeley financial advisor. Use this website to begin your search for a California advising service who can help you reach your goals.

Investment Basics

If you're just starting out in your career, establishing a 401k through your employer may be your first step towards becoming an investor. Through an employer-sponsored individual account, you can contribute a portion of your income to a tax-deferred plan with an investment component. You may also choose to open an IRA or a Roth IRA to augment your savings goals. Your online finance advisor can help you determine which of these tax-advantaged plans are right for you.

Investing in the stock market can be intimidating for someone who's just starting to build a portfolio. If your level of risk tolerance is high, you may prefer to invest in selected stocks with the help of a Berkeley financial advisor who has certification and specialized experience in securities. If the financial responsibilities of home ownership or parenthood prevent you from taking risks with your income, bonds or annuities could be more attractive options. When you participate in a mutual fund, you invest with a group of other investors in a diverse set of stocks, bonds or money market accounts.

Purchasing life insurance can be a form of investment that also protects your loved ones in the event of your death. When you buy a permanent life insurance policy, you have the option to participate in an investment vehicle that can earn dividends and interest. You can use the cash value of your plan as a backup emergency fund during your lifetime. You could also decide to borrow against the plan's cash value to pay for a child's college education. Talk with your advisor about securing a whole life policy.

Your Berkeley Home as an Investment

Your home is one of your most valuable financial assets, especially in a city like Berkeley, where housing is in short supply. The real estate market in Northern California has gone through many ups and downs, but houses in Berkeley tend to retain their value due to the community's residential patterns. If you own a residence in this area, there are several ways you can use this asset to your advantage financially. A Berkeley financial advisor can suggest strategies for maximizing your property's earning potential.

If you've built equity in your property, consider a CA home equity loan to consolidate high-interest loans, pay off debts or make improvements to the house. These loans, also known as second mortgages, use your residence as collateral. Interest rates can be very reasonable, and in many cases, interest payments are tax deductible. Consult a Berkeley financial advisor about how you can make use of your home's equity to improve your financial health.

To maximize the value of your house, turn your property into a source of revenue. Talk with your Berkeley financial advisor about using a home equity loan to build an addition to your dwelling, which you could then use as a rental unit. Becoming a landlord in Berkeley gives you the opportunity to earn a supplemental income in this city, where the cost of living can become overwhelming.

Emergency Planning with an Advisor

Because your residence is so valuable to you, your Berkeley financial advisor will recommend that you insure your property with homeowner's insurance. In addition to the basic coverage for fires, weather-related events, theft and vandalism, your advisor will suggest that you buy a plan that offers protection against earthquake damage. Ask your Berkeley financial advisor to refer you to an insurance carrier who provides adequate coverage at affordable premiums.

Emergency planning includes protecting your residence in the event of a catastrophe and providing for your loved ones after your death. Building a savings to cover time lost from work, the loss of a job or a temporary disability is another important aspect of securing your future. With the guidance of a Berkeley financial advisor, you can accumulate enough financial resources to safeguard your home and family under any circumstances.

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