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A Boulder financial advisor can be your guide in building your future in Colorado. Every major milestone in your life has financial repercussions, and a professional CO advisor can show you how to prepare for these landmarks. Whether you're preparing for marriage, parenthood, purchasing a home or retirement, an experienced advisor understands the challenges you face.

Finding a Boulder financial advisor starts with conducting a search of the professionals in your area. Use this website as your resource for contacting a number of specialists and comparing information on the services they provide. Once you've identified a Colorado advisor whose experience and training matches your needs, you can form a working partnership with an expert who can help you shape your financial life. Take the time to find a credentialed professional who understands your needs and priorities.

Saving for College in CO

Boulder was once a small mining town; today, it's a diverse, thriving community nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. Home to a campus of the University of Colorado, Boulder is a college community. Boulder also houses several government agencies and corporate enterprises. If you're raising a family in Boulder, you may already be planning for your children's college education. It's never too late to begin preparing for this important phase in your child's life with the guidance of a Boulder financial advisor.

Saving money for academic expenses has become easier with the growing popularity of tax-deferred educational savings plans. Known as 529 plans, or ESPs, educational savings plans allow you to save for your child's higher education at the projected rates of tuition. When your son or daughter is ready to enroll in a university, your state-sponsored savings account should match tuition costs. 529 plans apply to state institutions; however, private colleges and universities have their own equivalents of these plans.

Some parents use the cash value of a permanent life insurance policy to supplement a son or daughter's college costs. If you have a life insurance plan that includes a savings or investment component, you may be able to utilize a portion of these savings to help finance your child's academic goals. Because these funds are considered benefits on life premiums, drawing from these financial reserves may have certain tax advantages. Consult your Boulder financial advisor about the tax implications of college savings strategies.

Health and Retirement in Boulder

When you're a healthy young professional in Boulder, it's hard to imagine being elderly and having serious concerns about your physical and financial condition. If you're starting your first job, you may be saving for retirement by making contributions to a 401k through your employer in CO. You may be working with an advisor on opening an IRA or a Roth IRA. However, the days when you're no longer working probably seem impossibly far away.

If you haven't consulted a Boulder financial advisor about your future as a retiree, now would be a good time to start a relationship with an advisor who can help you prepare for the future. Saving and investing your money while you're in your 20s and beyond can add up to significant financial growth by the time you reach age 65. If you begin preparing now, you may not have to worry about working beyond your 60s in order to maintain your standard of living.

Many younger adults aren't aware of the costs of long-term care or the financial implications of living with a chronic disease. However, for the elderly, these conditions may be a daily reality. When you reach your 30s or 40s, it's not unrealistic to start thinking about long-term care insurance. Ask your advisor about whether this form of coverage, which pays for skilled nursing, home health or different forms of assisted living, would be a wise option for you.

Retiring with a Boulder Financial Advisor

After you've reached the age when you're ready to wrap up your career, your Boulder financial advisor can make recommendations for withdrawing your funds and collecting your distributions. Drawing from these sources requires that you prioritize your resources and consider the tax implications of your withdrawals. Your Boulder financial advisor can help you make the right choices, so that your retirement reserves last as long as you intended.

Retiring is more expensive than it used to be. The life expectancy of the average American is increasing, which means you'll need to save more money for your future, or plan on extending your career. While some retirees enjoy going back to work to renew their professional interests or social contacts, others want to give up work and travel or pursue their hobbies. To ensure that you'll have the resources to lead the life you want, hire a Boulder financial advisor to show you how to maximize your income while you're still working.

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