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A Bremerton financial advisor encourages you to clarify your goals before you develop a plan for your future. While most of us have a general desire to increase our net worth or improve our financial health, these aspirations can be broken down into concrete, achievable objectives. Once you've determined how you want your financial life to look, you can establish a time line for achieving your major milestones.

Bremerton, WA has a long history in the naval and ship-building industries. This port city is home to one of the country's major naval shipyards. Bremerton is only a ferry ride away from Seattle, where many of the city’s residents are advancing their careers and planning their futures.

Building a secure, prosperous future in Bremerton is easier when you hire a Washington professional financial advisor to help you fulfill your dreams. You may be contemplating parenthood, saving for your children's education or looking into new strategies for investing your income. A Bremerton financial advisor can give you valuable advice to make these processes more rewarding.

Setting Goals and Priorities

Helping Bremerton clients set priorities is one of the most important responsibilities of a WA financial advisor. Your priorities in spending or saving money are based on your values, your experience and your expectations of the future. If buying a home, sending children to college or getting married in Bremerton are more important to you than purchasing a car or taking an expensive vacation, you should focus your budget on achieving the landmarks that mean the most to you.

Deciding how much money you want to contribute to various investment or savings tools and vehicles can show you and your advisor how far you have to go before you reach each goal. While some clients have a specific amount of money they want to save in a money market account, 401k, IRA or Roth IRA, others haven't defined their targets that clearly. Sit down with your Bremerton financial advisor to form a plan for building an emergency fund, making a down payment on a home, paying for a large wedding or other objectives.

Preparing for the years when you're retired should be a priority for every working adult in Bremerton. Including both short-term and long-term goals in your savings strategy isn't always easy, especially when you have small children, a new home and other financial obligations to consider. Work with your advisor to create a time table for achieving your most important objectives first, but always include saving for retirement in your plans.

Insurance and Taxes in WA

Many professionals in Washington hire a Bremerton financial advisor to help them handle practical, important matters like insurance and taxes. When you search for multiple financial advisors in your area, it's easy to find a Bremerton financial advisor who specializes in insurance policies or tax preparation. Some consultants have worked as underwriters or accountants, or in other capacities where they received training or certification in these fields.

Buying life insurance can represent more than a means of protecting your family's security. Talk with your advisor about the tax advantages of using your life insurance policy as a savings or investment vehicle, as well. When you buy permanent life insurance or purchase an annuity, you can earn tax-deferred interest on your savings. You also have the option to participate in your insurer's investment program and earn dividends when the company has a profitable year.

An advisor with certification and education in securities can help you diversity your investment portfolio to maximize your earning potential. In addition to more conservative funds, like bonds or annuities, explore the possibilities of higher risk securities with a Bremerton financial advisor. When you choose different vehicles for your investments, you have a greater chance of accruing higher interest and dividends over the years.

Tax preparation is not something that most of us look forward to. When you work with a Bremerton financial advisor, you can keep track of your obligations and deductions throughout the year, so that you won't have as much work to anticipate when tax time comes around. Your Bremerton financial advisor can show you how to maximize your deductions so that you receive the refund that you deserve.

Washington Retirement Plans

Retiring in the Pacific Northwest has become more expensive than it used to be. The costs of housing, food and medical care have risen with inflation, and many elderly adults find it difficult to make ends meet after retiring. Plan your future early with a professional retirement planner to make sure you'll be able to live comfortably after you stop working.

Your IRA and 401k aren't the only options you have when preparing for your senior years. Mutual funds and annuities are stable options that can pay off over the years, especially if you invest when you're young. Start building a stable future today with a Bremerton financial advisor.

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