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Use our financial planning calculators in conjunction with your financial advisor to help plan your financial future. Whether you are considering a new investment, planning for retirement, are curious what your retirement income will be, are trying to determine your net worth, or are comparing investment options, our financial calculators will give you a clear picture of where your money is and of your best future investments.

Net Worth CalculatorNet Worth Calculator

Net worth is defined as all of your assets less all of your liabilities or, more commonly known as, debt. Your assets can be anything that you own, in whole or in part, that has value. This will include the equity in your home and automobiles, the current value of any stocks, bonds, and other equities, and any other items from real estate to jewelry to a business. When added up you can get a succinct number that defines how much you own in both liquid and non liquid assets.

Retirement Planner CalculatorRetirement Planner Calculator

Planning for retirement can be a daunting task. Before you can decide where you will retire you must figure out how you will financially afford retirement. This is not a simple task, there is a multitude of advice available. You must take many factors into consideration when saving for retirement. These include how much you will spend, the average rate of inflation, compound interest on your savings, social security, any pension you may have and more. Our calculator can help you determine the value of each of these variables to paint a clear picture of your financial life in retirement.

Retirement Income CalculatorRetirement Income Calculator

Another way to determine the amount you should be saving each month for retirement is to figure out how much, in real, inflation adjusted dollars, you will have. Our retirement income calculator will allow you to find out how much you should be saving to reach a certain monthly income level that will give you the same buying power at retirement that the dollars now have. It is vitally important to take into account inflation and the expected return on investments when determining your retirement savings rate.

Asset Allocation CalculatorAsset Allocation Calculator

When you look at your 401k plan does your mind spin when trying to figure out which stocks to buy and in what percentages of your portfolio? Proper asset allocation can be a difficult task. Our calculator can help you determine an appropriate allocation of your money based on a myriad of factors. We will take into account your age, inc

Investment Fee Comparison CalculatorInvestment Fee Comparison Calculator

You probably wonder why different investments have different fees. Many fees appear to be very close in cost, sometimes only varying a quarter of a percent between different investment options. Most people don't realize that these small differences in management fees can have a huge impact on the amount of money you have when you reach retirement age. Compare how fees will affect your returns and your retirement fund. If you are still unsure you can find a local financial planner through our website to assist you in finding great low-cost investments.

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