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Your Carrollton financial advisor helps you define your financial goals before you take the first steps in developing your plan for personal success. Your financial plan isn't simply a list of your bills, your obligations and the amounts you want to save. The roadmap you create with your advisor offers you a way to achieve your most important dreams.

If buying a home in Carrollton, raising a family and building a solid investment portfolio are among your visions for the future, a Carrollton financial advisor can create a realistic time table for meeting these objectives. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Carrollton is a thriving residential and corporate community. Talk with a Texas financial advisor about how you can maximize your income and increase your net worth in this rapidly expanding economic environment.

Carrollton has been nominated as one of the safest places to live in America. Residents take pride in the progress Carrollton has made since its early days as a Texas agricultural town. As the economy in TX grows, let your Carrollton financial advisor show you how to take advantage of the many opportunities for augmenting your net worth.

Financing Education in TX

Texas is home to many outstanding institutions of higher learning. The city of Carrollton lies within 30 minutes of most of the universities and colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. No matter where your children's academic interests lie, you can help them reach their goals with the guidance of a Carrollton financial advisor.

When you're calculating the costs of your child's academic objectives, you'll need to include more than tuition. When you consider room and board, books and transportation, the expenses add up. Your Carrollton financial advisor may recommend that you divide your savings between a prepaid tuition plan and a second investment vehicle.

A Carrollton financial advisor can tell you about the educational savings vehicles, commonly called "529 plans," that are covered under Internal Revenue Code 529. With these tax-advantaged accounts, you can set aside money for educational purposes in a low-risk investment account. If your child elects not to go to college, the funds can be transferred to another family member.

A prepaid tuition account grows in value as the costs of tuition rise. Most of these plans are guaranteed by state governments. When you purchase shares of a prepaid tuition plan, the value of these shares should increase along with the average rates of tuition at public colleges in Texas. When your child enrolls in a state institution, the money you saved should cover the costs of educational fees at that time.

Independent prepaid tuition plans allow you to lock in future rates at private colleges. Because these programs are not guaranteed by state governments, they may not offer the same level of assurance that your savings will cover the cost of tuition. Talk with an investment advisor about the financial advantages and drawbacks of investing in a 529 plan.

Caring for a Parent in Carrollton

Many adults in their 40s and 50s find themselves caring for their own parents as well as for their growing children. Your parent may be living with you at home, or may have asked you to arrange for long-term care. When you're saving for your own retirement, possibly with a small business retirement account, covering the costs of elder care for a parent can be a challenge.

While you're meeting the responsibilities of parenthood, your financial advisor can help you identify ways to assist your elderly relative. Long-term care and the costs of skilled nursing can be expensive. Medicare or a supplemental insurance program may cover some of these costs if your parent requires 24-hour nursing care.

As an alternative to full-time residential care, many cities offer adult day services for the elderly. These services allow older adults to live independently with a limited amount of assistance. Routine medical care, therapeutic exercise programs, meals and social activities are often provided at a facility near your parent's home. Discuss the available options with your parent and your Carrolton financial advisor.

As you're taking care of your parents and children, don't forget to devote time to planning your own future. If you've already initiated a 401k, an IRA or Roth IRA, you're ahead of the game in preparing for independence. Your Carrollton financial advisor can help you devise a time line for rolling over these accounts and compiling all of your resources when you're ready to retire in TX.

A Carrollton financial advisor provides support and counseling as you juggle numerous responsibilities. When you take on unexpected family obligations, having an advisor on your side can relieve some of your anxiety about the future. Let your Carrollton financial advisor show you strategies for meeting unanticipated, as well as anticipated, family needs.

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