Certified Retirement Financial Advisor

A certified retirement financial advisor is an invaluable asset to assist with your plans for retirement. Whether you want to take an early retirement or just want to ensure you will have enough money to cover the golden years when they finally arrive, financial advisors have the knowledge and experience to turn your dreams into reality.

Building A Nest Egg

Retirement planning should be completed as early as possible with someone trained in the career as a financial advisor. Time is your greatest asset in planning for the post work years because the earlier you begin saving, the longer the money will be able to grow. As a certified finance advisor can explain, this fund growth occurs from the power of compounding interest which basically means that the money you contribute will start earning interest and then that interest will start earning interest - giving you amazing earning potential.

There are many factors a certified retirement financial advisor can assist with when you are ready to begin the retirement planning process. First, your savings goals will be different at age 45 than they are at age 25 and the advisor will know how these goals should be altered with regard to your age and other financial factors. You also have many different financial account options for building a nest egg fund.

The first common nest egg fund option is a 401k plan. This plan is typically offered by employers to their employees. One major benefit with this plan is that companies often match the funds contributed by employees up to a certain dollar amount. A certified retirement financial advisor will likely suggest you contribute at least up to the employer matching amount because this matching amount is essentially free money that can help the savings grow more quickly.

A second common nest egg option offered by a certified retirement financial advisor is a traditional IRA account. IRA stands for individual retirement arrangement and is a powerful account option that can do wonders for building a post working fund. This financial fund allows you to contribute money pre-tax to a nest egg account. Another type of IRA is the Roth IRA and this type allows you to contribute money to an account after taxes. The benefit with the Roth version offered by certified specialists is you won't pay taxes on the money when you begin withdrawing from the account. This type of account can be especially beneficial if you think you will be in a higher tax bracket in the future. A certified advisor is invaluable in helping you decide which of these options is the best for you or if you should be contributing to more than one type of fund.

Once you have chosen the financial account type, the certified retirement financial advisor can then help you decide how much to regularly contribute so you can reach your savings goals. Another important factor the finance specialist will help you decide is the correct asset allocation. Again, the savings goals you have will be different at age 45 than they are at 25 or even 35 so the asset allocation will largely depend on your age, risk tolerance and a few other factors. The best option is to work with a certified advisor so you make all the right decisions in building the nest egg account.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal finance planning shouldn't stop once you have successfully established a retiree plan. You likely have other goals such as buying a home or planning for retirement so you should seek the guidance of a certified retirement financial advisor for these goals as well. Buying a home is a major life decision and one that should be well thought out. A finance specialist certified with these matters can help you decide how much you can afford to spend on a home and how much you should have tucked away in savings before making the purchase.

Parenthood is also a major life decision where a certified retirement financial advisor can assist. Raising children will be one of the most rewarding and most expensive experiences of your life. The infant years alone can cost several thousand dollars. This doesn't even include the chance the child may have medical issues that need tending to. As the children grow, you will want to establish an education fund to help with the growing costs of college.

A certified retirement financial advisor can help with all of these goals and more. An investment advisor will first help determine how much you should be saving and can then advise best methods for building savings and reaching your goals. The certified retirement financial advisor will likely recommend fairly safe options for these types of savings goals because, while you want the money to grow quickly, you don't want lose all the funds with risky investments.

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