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A Citrus Heights Financial Advisor will use their knowledge to help you avoid common money management pitfalls that could potentially put you in a tough spot. Sit down with a college educated Citrus Heights advisor and review your financial history as well as your current situation. Once they have a clear picture, they can make recommendations to strengthen your financial standing in CA.

Budgeting Success

The best way to be proactive about your California financial situation is to understand where your money goes. Meet with a Citrus Heights financial advisor and craft a budget based on your spending history. Your Citrus Height financial advisor can create graphs to give you a visual picture of your spending patterns in Citrus Heights. This clear picture will allow your Citrus Heights financial advisor to suggest ways to rearrange spending and potentially save money.

A well planned budget will also help you ensure that all your Citrus Heights bills are paid on time which will ensure you aren't stuck paying any of those unnecessary late fees. A $10 late fee may not seem like much now, but if you are always late that can add up to $120 over the course of a year. And if you are doing that with several bills you could be throwing again hundreds of dollars.

Small ways to Save

You may be throwing money away on a regular basis simply by not paying attention to details. Those Citrus Heights parking tickets and overdue library books may not be first financial priority to you now. But, those California fines multiply over time and will eventually be passed to a California collection agency and could potentially damage your credit rating. A Citrus Heights financial advisor would advise you to make sure to pay the fine when they are due and you will save significantly in the long run.

Another way people commonly throw money away is by carrying a balance on their credit card while only making minimum payments. A Citrus Heights advisor can show you how the amount of money you are paying toward interest will significantly add up over time. A Citrus Heights advisor can show you how credit card interest rates are traditionally much higher than CA loan rates. So, it would be smart to talk to a Citrus Heights financial advisor about obtaining a low interest loan to pay off those high interest credit cards and save yourself some serious cash.

And last, another common mistake people make is to cash in their employer 401K when switching CA careers. Although it might seem like a good idea at the time, a career finance advisor can show you how cashing in your investment will cause you to lose a lot of money over time. Instead, considering transferring it to an IRA or Roth IRA so that your money can continue growing. Transferring your money to another account keeps you on track for retirement and prevents you from having to begin the whole process of investing from scratch. Next time you are facing a career change, talk to a Citrus Heights financial advisor about transferring your money into another investment account.

A Citrus Heights financial advisor may also have many more tips and ideas on small ways to save. They have years of experience helping individuals like you make the most of their money. And, they have insight into small financial decisions that could have a huge eventual impact on your pocketbook.

The Coupon Craze

We have all been stuck in line behind someone that hands a stack of coupons to the cashier at the end of their check out process. Initially we are annoyed but then we see how much they save and that annoyance turns to astonishment. To save money you don't need to convert your garage to a storage facility to all those free rolls of toilet paper or diapers for those in parenthood. But, it may take just a bit of your time to pay attention to the sales and click a few coupons from your Sunday paper.

Also, pay attention to the places you shop. Some grocery stores have a price matching policy so you can actually save time and money. Instead of running around to several stores to catch the sales, simply bring in the advertisements from the competitors and your price will be adjusted at checkout. Plus, they also may honor in-store and manufacturers coupons on top of the price match. With a little effort up front you could save a significant amount each month.

Talk to your Citrus Heights Financial Advisor about more ways to save money. With a little effort and the right advisor you can decrease your costs and multiply your savings. Talk to your Citrus Heights financial advisor about finding a good investment account for all of the money you will save.

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