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A Clearwater financial advisor provides the tools and strategies you need to increase your net worth and prepare for independence. Managing your finances alone can be a stressful experience, especially when you have the ongoing responsibilities of parenthood and a career. Let an advisor analyze your resources with an objective, experienced eye and show you how to plot your course to financial freedom.

The seaside city of Clearwater offers natural and architectural beauty to feed your spirit. As you raise your family in this Tampa Bay Area community, take advantage of the recreational opportunities that surround you. Having a Florida certified financial advisor on your side relieves your anxieties about managing your money and gives you the opportunity to spend more time with loved ones.

Raising children in FL means saving for their future and ensuring that they have the opportunity to pursue an advanced education. With the costs of college tuition rising each year, you'll appreciate the help of a Clearwater financial advisor in securing the best educational savings vehicle available. In Florida, you may be able to benefit from a prepaid tuition savings plan guaranteed by the state government.

Long-term Disability Insurance in FL

Even healthy adults may suffer illnesses or injuries as they progress in their career. Although many employers offer short-term disability insurance at affordable rates, many parents don't feel that they can afford the additional expense of paying for long-term disability coverage each month. However, an extended period of time away from work may consume most of your savings and jeopardize your dreams of buying a home or retiring early in Clearwater.

Talk with your Clearwater financial advisor about securing insurance to replace your earnings in case of an unforeseen loss of income. Many long-term plans require a waiting period, typically 90 to 180 days, before you can begin to collect benefits. To ensure that you'll be able to cover your expenses while you wait for your benefits, set aside a small amount of money each month as an emergency fund.

Eventually you should accumulate enough money to cover six months of expenses. Your Clearwater financial advisor may suggest that you purchase as much insurance as you can afford in order to provide for your family's needs if you're no longer able to generate an income. Work with your advisor to find an insurer who offers maximum protection with premiums that fit your budget.

When you return to work after a disability, the effects of your illness or injury may limit your earning potential. If you were self-employed, you may have lost clients during the time you were unable to work. Consult your Clearwater financial advisor about how much insurance you should purchase to cover a reduction in income upon your return to your job in Clearwater.

Having a caring, client-centered advisor on your side can ease your way through the financial difficulties and depression that a prolonged absence from work can cause and this is why you should take great care when choosing a financial advisor. Your Clearwater financial advisor will show you how to survive this period and get back to work as quickly as possible. When you're back on your feet, you'll appreciate the time and money you invested in preparing for a temporary job loss.

Financial Independence in Clearwater

The warm ocean breezes and relaxed social environment of Clearwater make the city a retiree's dream. You may envision spending long, leisurely afternoons at the beach or shopping in the beautifully renovated downtown area of Clearwater. To ensure that you have the funds to fulfill these dreams, consult a Clearwater financial advisor about investing a percentage of your income while you're still actively employed.

Take advantage of your Florida financial advisor's expertise in retirement planning to build an investment portfolio that will bear fruit over the years. Ask an investment advisor for tips for finding the most profitable investment opportunities within your financial comfort zone. You can get a solid start in investments by opening an employer-sponsored 401k, IRA or Roth IRA.

A Clearwater financial advisor knows that freedom from the work force may not be all you anticipated. Many retirees in FL decide to go back to work after a year or two of independence. Some older adults are inspired to take on a second career in their 60s or 70s. Others simply find that they can't afford to live comfortably on the pension or investments they accumulated.

If you elect to go back to work after you've retired, your decision should be a matter of choice, not necessity. Sit down with your Clearwater financial advisor and review the assets you've acquired up to this point. Next, you and your advisor can identify ways that you can augment your savings so that you have adequate resources to lead a comfortable, independent life in your senior years.

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