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Divorce financial advice is as unique as any relationship, including the marriage you are trending from which to break. It is not a one size fits all position in which you find yourself. It can be complicated, frustrating and sad, in addition to emotionally charged. And, whenever your money involves such emotional attachments, it is the time to embrace the perspective of a professional who knows all about doling out divorce financial advice.

Assets, Alimony, Child Support and More

Maybe you have lived through this event vicariously, whether through your own parents, or the experience of friends splitting from their once beloved spouse. So, you may be very familiar with some common terms you will likely hear tossing around in the wind. Those include alimony, child support and even distribution of assets. What you may have noticed is a back and forth and discomfort for both parties. Or, maybe you saw two people who had just fallen out of love, and decided to part as amicably as possible, considering the best of each others' future survival.

While you may have been married and providing support for the home, you may receive alimony if your spouse was the main breadwinner. If you will be tending to the children, you may be entitled to child support. And, you may be concerned about the distribution of your shared assets (or debts), depending upon your marital situation prior to the divorce.

Advice Especially for You

As with all monetary planning advice, there are specialties. In the case of divorce, there are actual certified divorce financial analysts, which is registered wit the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy. They are proponents of the use of financial planning in divorce, prior to settlement. They can help you determine how to plan and go about divorce financial advice on retirement planning, your Roth IRA, your 401k and shared parenthood expenses, including college education expenses and getting back to your own individual lives.

Your new life going it semi-alone may include buying a home on your own, and finding ways to go about surviving again on your own. It is a life transition. A divorce financial advice professional can help you figure out your new financial life, via divorce financial advice from an investment advisor. There may be many undecided factors, and that alone can cause a great degree of stress.

It is important to address all the divorce financial advice prior to the ink drying on your settlement. Though, it may depend on whether you are the higher or lower wage earner, how you need to go about your divorce financial planning. You need to know if you will be receiving alimony, how long will you receive it and if you will be able to survive on it. If you do have alimony coming in, will it last you until you are scheduled to retire, or just until you can get back on your financial feet?

Professional Separation Preparation

Uncertainties include custody, which takes a while to get straight. Custody can affect child support payments. You and your near ex-spouse may have worked hard to fund your shared retirements. Another concern then is how the accounts will be split. If you happened to have shared a business, how will this affect your shared holdings, dealings? These situations are all handled best from a neutral perspective, such as a professional who gives advice to couples like you, who are heading separate ways.

There are ways to find the best professional to offer you financial advice. The best is to look for someone who specializes in dealing with divorces, who have had a hand in creating equitable settlements for their clients. This may take a professional who works well with attorneys who specialize in divorces. The advice of a trustworthy professional is invaluable in an emotionally charged and difficult situation like this one.

There are other areas that the professional will deal financial advice for these circumstances. They might consider the value of your health care benefits, insurance and the like. It is the divorce financial advice professional's job to make sure that you will have the ability to thrive post settlement. This is best planned for prior to the divorce settlement. They can offer litigation support to your attorney, which helps them work out a fair settlement for your case.

Divorce financial advice is invaluable considering the monetary complications that arise when a couple has to split the many shared financials. This may include property, benefits, savings and other monetary accounts. It is important to find someone who understands that both parties need to make a new monetary life, where both survive and hopefully thrive in their new lives. This can be achieved with the expert knowledge of a professional offering divorce financial advice.

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