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An Everett financial advisor can become your family's partner as you prepare to meet your major goals. From the first stages of parenthood to sending your children to college and preparing for your own retirement, a professional advisor knows that every phase of your life requires some level of financial planning. A Washington advisor specializes in helping clients meet the demands of daily life while preparing for a prosperous future.

Everett, WA is a port city that houses a large public marina and serves as home to a U.S. naval station. The city's port is the backbone of its economy, and many residents of Everett enjoy the professional and recreational opportunities that living in a center of international trade provides. Working with an Everett financial advisor helps you make the most of your family life and your professional achievements in this thriving community.

WA Retirement Contribution Plans

Retirement planning in Washington is a major concern among younger professionals and middle-aged adults alike. As WA residents become more conscious of what it takes to retire comfortably these days, more of them are seeking help from an Everett financial advisor. Some of the most common financial issues that Everett residents discuss with an advisor include choosing savings plans, investing their money and deciding when to retire.

If you have a 401k retirement contribution plan with your Everett employer, you've already got a head start in saving for the years when you're no longer collecting a salary. Your financial advisor may recommend that you make the maximum contributions to this tax-deferred account each month, especially if your employer matches a percentage of your contributions. The more you save at an early age, the longer your funds will accrue interest. By the time you're ready to retire in Everett, you'll have a substantial nest egg to replace the income you currently earn.

For self-employed individuals or those who want to supplement their 401k with another tax-deferred fund, an IRA may be an optimal solution. You can augment your retirement savings with one of these individual accounts, or use a portion of the fund to make a down payment on your first home. A Roth IRA is similar to a traditional IRA, except that funds are deducted after taxes instead of before taxes. When you make withdrawals from a Roth IRA, you will owe no taxes on your deductions.

An Everett financial advisor can recommend additional savings and investment strategies for clients at all levels of risk tolerance, although they may charge a finance advising fee. Fixed rate annuities may be a desirable option for young professionals who are earning a stable salary and want to establish a steady source of income for their retirement years. Talk with a financial advisor to develop an investment strategy that's right for you and your family.

Bonds and CDs

Everett residents who are looking for a very safe investment strategy can consult their financial advisor about U.S. savings bonds or certificates of deposit. U.S. savings bonds earn interest until their maturity date, when they can be redeemed by the original investor or beneficiary. If you're getting ready to start a family, an Everett financial advisor may recommend that you purchase bonds for your children as gifts at their birth. By the time the child is grown, the bond will provide a solid source of government-backed funds.

Certificates of deposit, or CDs, are secure, time-limited savings and investment vehicles that earn a fixed rate of interest until their maturity date. CDs mature in a matter of months or years, allowing your funds to grow until you're ready to make use of them. If you've received a financial windfall, such as a large bonus at work or a tax refund, an Everett financial advisor might recommend that you invest in a CD that will appreciate in value until you're ready to meet a specific goal.

Washington Debt Management

Managing personal debt is another reason that many families look for guidance from an Everett financial advisor. Some young parents start their family life with a considerable burden of student loan debt from college. Add credit card debt, the purchase of an automobile and a mortgage, and families could soon be swamped. An Everett financial advisor has expertise in helping individuals and couples of all ages get out of debt so they can look forward to being financially independent.

An Everett financial advisor can teach you strategies for managing your money so that you can avoid adding to your debt. A professional can also recommend resources and organizations that will help you arrange an acceptable repayment schedule, so you can gradually reduce your liabilities and make room for more meaningful uses of your income. Find out how you can make faster progress towards your personal goals with the help of a competent, caring professional.

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