Financial Advice for Children

Financial advice for children needs to start as young as possible, according to the development of your children. Four year old children, as a whole, may not understand why a cashier gives you money when you buy something. But, it is still important to start talking about even the smallest financial transactions (including saving) as early as possible.

You do not want financial advice for children to start when junior is a 20 something who has amassed $10,000 in credit card debt, and $100,000 in college loans. Make sure that you teach financial advice for children and take it as seriously as their higher education and career preparation. They need to know how money works before they start learning as a 30 year old how to save for parenthood, 401k and Roth IRA distributions and contributions.

Start Early

Financial advice for children, like relationship financial advice, can start with the grocery store, and involve the bank too. While a physical representation is far stronger of an image, and far easier for a child to understand, your bank and teller can help you teach your children about money too. Financial advice for children does involve paying them an allowance for work that they have done. It demonstrates in physical means that their work pays them.

In addition, they also need to learn that a cut of their pay needs to go into the piggy bank. Do have a piggy bank, whether the low-tech traditional pink ceramic pig, or a high tech electronic faux "atm". Then teach them about making deposits at the bank. Show them how the physical money that they make becomes an electronic deposit. Show your children how their money is accessible both online and offline. It is good to create a balance between their needs and wants. And, while you may not need to give them $50 per week, do consider paying them sufficiently so that they can understand their value and worth for when they do seek employment.

You may pay them their allowance with a portion of it being your actual education fund money. The portion that you dedicate to their financial health, and future education, may then be set aside in a separate account for them. The idea is to show them how that money builds over time, allowing them to see that money saved allows them more opportunities in life, because they can make choices;. Being financial losers, on the other hand, would have them always on the brink, always on the defensive, having to just take what life offers them.

While you do not want them turning down work left and right, you do not want them just taking the lowest common denominator because it is available to them. Also, consider as part of your financial advice for children that they can harness their talents and turn those into income too. Consider if your children are talented jewelry makers, that they can create their own jewelry line to sell at neighborhood shops, or community fairs.

Financial advice for children is well worth you investing your time and energy. Hopefully it will allow them to be independent and have a well-balanced view of money. You want them to be good money managers, whether their talents and luck earn them millions per year, or just barely squeaking by. Money management skills cannot be over rated. They are an extremely important aspect of financial advice for children.

Also, find out if money advice for kids is available at your bank or investment house. There may at the least be educational tools to teach children the difference between real money that is available to them and borrowed money that is extended to them for department store credit cards. They need to know that if they borrow money, it is expected that they pay back their financial obligation, usually with interest. Good advice can help here.

In addition, a bank or investment house may offer your older child the chance to invest their money. They can take some money from their first job as a young adult and start putting away for retirement. Financial advice and prudence might also have you enlist them in helping save money for vacation. Maybe they can help decide where you will go next, and help save some spending money to take on your next vacation. They will learn good decision making skills from your own lead, while learning how to manage money. Your advice is good here.

Financial advice for children involves demonstrating how money goes from a pay check (or allowance), into financial savings accounts into realized long and short term expenditures such as vacations and education. Money management advice now will help them out immensely in their own future. Money advice can teach them how to manage their own choices wisely too.

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