Financial Planning Designations

Financial planning designations can be confusing. Though, fortunately for you, you do not have to have a special degree to comprehend the designations after the name of a planning professional. Instead, you need to understand that those different designations can serve you well, all depending upon your needs.

It is somewhat fortunate for consumers that this industry does not regulate monetary planning. Thus, there is no one central body that provides financial planning designations. Instead there are many bodies that award credentials to the great many professionals who work in financial planning, under different designations.

Do not be mistaken, the only worry that you have is that of finding someone who claims to offer financial planning as a professional. And it is true that a professional who accepts money in exchange for providing any degree of financial planning can call themselves a planning professional. That is the issue at hand with this industry not regulating designations.

Finding Suitable Professionals

This puts a bit of responsibility back on the potential client to do some research prior to hiring any professional who will review their money. For one, it is important to verify that the professional truly has the credentials that they claim. Check with the awarding body to ensure that they truly earned their designations.

Furthermore, ensure that the professional who has earned the designations is in good standing with the credentialing body. In general, they will also tell you if the professional is back in good standing if they had any professional issues. For the most part, the credentialing bodies all have their own code of ethics. There are additionally usually other codes of conduct, a commitment to professionalism and high standards of practice to which they are required to adhere.

Many professionals even have to take a fiduciary oath that they will likewise work only in your best interest. This oath generally coincides with a professional who will provide individual financial advice on a consultant basis, as a fee only advisor. This means that you, the client, will pay them by the hour to provide their advice.

This is in contrast to the past. In the past many professional advisors were paid by their employer only if they sold you products. This is a a salesperson who is paid only on commission. Look for the fee only advisor.

Comparing Professionals

The financial planning designations will not tell you what each individual can or will charge. Depending upon the training, expertise, and also the experience of the advisor, there may be a great range in their hourly fees. So, do ask prior to hiring any one advisor, to ensure that you are not only willing, but also able to pay for the services that you need.

Financial planning designations will help you to determine which skills they may hold in their cadre of tools to help you. For instance, a Certified Financial Planner will have studied more than 100 financial topics and taken (and passed) rigorous exams in order to be awarded their financial planning designations. This is among the ideal financial planning designations for those who may need any variety of advice.

Along the same lines, look for National Association of Personal Financial Advisors or NAPFA certified, financial planning designations. This is also a good advisor to seek out if you have more general needs. They are well equipped to handle a great deal of scenarios, and their financial planning designations prove it. NAPFA and CFP certified individuals have both taken oaths specifically to work only in the best interest of their clients. Consider them if you have a great range of needs.

Specific Certifications

If you specifically have insurance decisions that are looming, then consider also talking to a professional who is fully certified in the insurance field. They are also provided credentials as well. Though, you may want to find out if they have any additional special areas of expertise as well, just in case you want to continue working with them over the course of your lifetime.

Likewise, look to a tax attorney or a CPA for help with any tax questions. They can help you fix past mistakes. And, they will also be able to help you make better choices in the decision. Sometimes these decisions have the capacity to save you a great deal of money. Thus these professionals may charge more for carrying multiple professional credentials, but they may be well worth it. Find out how they can specifically help you and your family.

Financial planning designations run the gamut. Though, they can prove to be quite useful if you know for what you need to look. Find out how the professionals can help you along your way in your journey. Reach your goals by hiring competent professionals.

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