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A Gainesville financial advisor can answer your questions about saving money for college, building resources for retirement and protecting your estate after you're gone. A Florida advisor specializes in addressing the financial issues that dominate each phase of your life. Young professionals and elderly retirees alike can benefit from the experience and knowledge that a Florida financial advisor provides.

Gainesville is a large, diverse community located in inland Florida. The city is home to one of the largest institutions of higher education in the country, the University of Florida. Gainesville has a fun, lively arts and music scene, along with a thriving economy. The city has been nominated as one of the best places for day-to-day living and recreation in the United States.

Many professionals in Gainesville look to their financial advisor to give them direction on major financial decisions or to help them overcome obstacles to success. Take advantage of the resources on this website to find a Gainesville financial advisor who can teach you strategies for saving, investing and retirement planning. Compare quotes from multiple professionals before you choose the FL advisor who will become a partner in improving your finances.

FL Educational Savings Plans

It's never too early to consult a Gainesville financial advisor about planning for your children's financial future. From the first stages of parenthood, many Gainsville moms and dads begin thinking about saving money for college. Considering the tax-deferred educational savings options that you have available these days, getting an early start on your child's university tuition fund is a wise idea.

The sooner you begin to set aside money in an educational savings plan -- also known as a 529 plan -- or prepaid tuition program, the more interest you'll accumulate as your children finish their primary and secondary education. These plans, sponsored by state governments, allow you to save for the future costs of tuition at state universities and colleges. A Gainesville education advisor or financial planning company can answer your questions about the projected increases in academic expenses.

More students are graduating from college with high student loans. These loans can present a financial handicap to young adults just getting started in their professional lives. An experienced FL advisor will tell you that the more you can save for college before your children enroll, the less debt they're likely to incur to complete their degrees. Your Gainesville financial advisor can play an important role in advancing your child's future by helping you assemble funds from different sources.

Long-Term Care in Gainesville

As a younger adult, healthy and actively employed in Gainesville, you are probably too busy to spend much time thinking about the health-care needs you'll have as a senior citizen. However, many adults over the age of 65 do need skilled nursing services at some point in their senior years. Even if you're conscientiously setting aside retirement funds in your 401k, IRA or Roth IRA, you have to consider more than your future income.

Long-term care insurance is an option that more adults consider as they approach their 50s and 60s. When elderly parents become ill or disabled, the real costs of skilled nursing and rehabilitation become all too apparent. Younger adults may assume that Medicare will cover all of their expenses as they age. Except in specific, clearly defined cases, Medicare may not cover the costs of custodial care for older adults. Ask a Gainesville financial advisor about the growing need for long-term care coverage.

If you're a professional in your 20s or 30s, you may foresee a need for your parents to have long-term care in the future. Although you can't convince your parents to make any decisions that they're not prepared for, you can encourage them to consider long-term care coverage as an option. As your Gainesville financial advisor can tell you, state-sponsored Medicaid may pay for long-term care expenses for elderly adults who have a very low income, but this resource may not work for middle-class adults.

Helping you plan for a comfortable retirement is one of the main responsibilities of a Gainesville financial advisor. Your definition of retiring comfortably may be more costly than you realize 30 or 40 years from now. If you envision a prosperous, independent lifestyle that includes traveling or living in a seaside condo, you may need to increase the percentage of your income that you contribute to your IRA or 401k. Sit down with your Gainesville financial advisor to develop a projection for the funds you'll need for retirement.

Having a Gainesville financial advisor working with your family can make you all feel more secure. Like adults, children and teens worry about things like running out of money, having enough funds to cover emergencies and finding ways to pay for college tuition. You can increase the stability of your family's finances by seeking help from a professional.

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