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A Hialeah financial advisor can easily be found online to help you with a wide variety of needs. Whether you require help understanding a retirement portfolio, or would like to create a family budget, an advisor in Hialeah, FL can help. From parents who would like to begin saving for a college education to those who are just planning parenthood, anyone living in Hialeah, FL will benefit from the counsel a finance consultant can provide.

A Hialeah financial advisor is an accredited, licensed professional who can provide you with advice on a wide range of monetary questions in Florida. Maybe you are preparing to begin a small business and would like a consultation about how to navigate the paperwork. Perhaps you are interested in planning for retirement, or would like to understand how mutual funds work. A Hialeah financial advisor can help you with any financial question in Florida.

Retirement Planning Options

Florida is a great place to retire. Many retirees flock to the sunshine state directly after Thanksgiving and stay through the winter. If you would like be someone who has this option, you will need to start planning early. Develop a savings plan today with a Hialeah financial advisor and contribute to it dependably throughout your career.

People are living longer and much healthier lives today than ever before. Many retirees are faced with a problem today that was unthinkable in the past. They are finding that they may outlive the funds they have saved. Although this is frightening prospect, there are many savings plans available to help you avoid this snag. As you age and your needs change, a Hialeah financial advisor can help you choose the right plan creating a portfolio that will grow with you.

Retirement Plans

One of the easiest ways to save for retirement is by using a Florida 401k plan. A 401k program is a savings plan available through many Hialeah employers that allow employees to make pre tax contributions from their salary into an investment plan. The money is invested, usually at the discretion of the employee, into a variety of stocks and bonds that have the potential of providing earnings. Employees who contribute even a small contribution each week can quickly increase their retirement savings. A Hialeah financial advisor can help you understand how 401k plans funds work and which investments you should choose based on risk and retirement needs.

Mutual funds are another investment option you may want to discuss with a Hialeah consultant. With a minimum investment, the investor purchases shares of a portfolio. The portfolio is usually managed by an investment firm and normally includes at least 50 different securities. The advisors will combine the investor's contribution with contributions from other investors and invests it into a variety of securities, stocks, and bonds. If you prefer, you can choose to have the earnings automatically reinvested, which allows the earnings to continue to build your savings. Discuss the options of investing in mutual funds with a financial advisor in Hialeah to determine if they are a good option for you.

Another option for retirement income is annuities. An annuity plan allows you to make a deposit or regular deposits into an account over time. An insurance advisor then makes a series of payments back to you upon retirement. The two phases of annuities are the deferral phase and the income phase. The deferral phase is defined as the period of time between establishing the plan and when you begin to receive payments. The value of the contributions will continue to increase on a tax-deferred basis either at a fixed or variable rate during the deferral phase. The income phase begins when you start drawing from the annuity. Talk to a Hialeah financial advisor to determine if you should consider an annuity plan.

A Hialeah financial advisor might also recommend a Roth IRA plan. An IRA or individual retirement account, or arrangement is available to anyone who currently has an income through employment. For a Roth IRA, you will make contributions after tax and incur earnings on a tax deferred basis meaning that you will pay the taxes when you receive the funds. A financial advisor can help you determine if a traditional or Roth IRA is a good option to help you meet your goals.

A Hialeah financial advisor is a great resource for providing anyone with instructions on how to meet long and short-term financial goals. Whether you require the advice from an investment advisor on a retirement portfolio, or would like to use a certified public accountant to for small business financial needs, an advisor will help you manage money in a way that allows you to reach the goals you have set. If you search online today, you can find financial advisors in Hialeah to help you start saving tomorrow.

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