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A Jacksonville financial advisor is a certified personal finance professional who can give local investors help with any area of their financial lives. If you need help setting up a workable family budget, you can talk to an advisor about getting something established with the goal of eventually investing and working toward your long term goals. If your need is retirement savings, work with a finance pro on your IRA or get advice on other investment options that may work better for you depending on your situation. Maybe your focus is on your child's schooling. Trying to manage to save enough money for this expense can be daunting even for those of us with a fairly comfortable income level. Work with a Jacksonville financial advisor and find out how much you can benefit from expert advice and access to tools and programs you may not be tuned into on your own.

Get Help with Finances

Many Florida households need all the help they can get financially these days. As we begin to pull ourselves out of a recession and attempt to regain financial momentum in Jacksonville and everywhere in Florida, one of the big needs local consumers have is to get a handle on their family expenses so that they can start investing again. Many of us have been through job loss and other setbacks in recent years; and even when we find new employment it takes some time to get back on our feet.

In quite a few situations, a Jacksonville financial advisor might be working with an investor who ordinarily would be into the market, but has had to pull back recently in response to changing economic conditions. If you have ceased investing for a time and are ready to get back in the arena, you have to make sure your finances are up to the challenge. When credit card debts and other obligations linger, it takes up all of your excess capital just getting squared away. Work with an advisor to pay off debt with a strategy that gets the most out of every payment and minimizes both interest paid and time spent getting settled up with your creditors. The sooner you get paid off with your debts, the sooner you can reenter the financial arena and get investing again.

Going Beyond the 401k Account

For some of us in Jacksonville, the only experience we have with investing is that old 401k account we took with us from our last job, or whatever pension opportunity we were able to get through an employer. But this is far from the only retirement investment out there. Your Jacksonville advisor can show you different options that go beyond the company 401k. Look at Roth IRA choices. Think about getting into mutual funds. Or think even further outside the box and consider real estate or other choices before you spend your money. One of the keys to successful investing is going through every possible avenue before settling on a choice so that you have confidence going forward that the one you chose was the right one for you.

Buying a home might not seem like a retirement investment, but think of it this way: when you stop working in Jacksonville, you'll likely be living on a significantly reduced income. You need to be in a home you can afford. If you can make real estate moves to get you out of a mortgage when you retire, you can live on a lot less and live more comfortably. Your Jacksonville financial advisor can show you how to improve your financial standing. The work of a financial advisor is not just wealth creation. A Jacksonville financial advisor is also about wealth management. Jacksonville consumers who can live better on less are richer. A Jacksonville financial advisor will be just as interested as you are in getting the most out of every dollar for you.

Investment Strategies for College Savings

This includes education savings. Parenthood is expensive, as every advisor is well aware. A financial consultants advice is critical to help you choose between options like 529 accounts and others. Using a Jacksonville financial advisor will help you to better understand your choices, and your Jacksonville financial advisor will also help to structure your current finances in a way that maximizes the contributions you can make toward these eventual expenses, helping you to save more and get more accomplished.

Every Jacksonville investor can benefit from working with an advisor. You can save for college, put together a retirement portfolio, and even create an emergency fund for that rainy day. Make the most of your income and live better. Take on personal finance challenges head on. Work with a qualified and experienced Jacksonville financial advisor and get more out of every last dollar.

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Andy Whitaker
Andy Whitaker
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H. Lee Little, MBA, CFP
H. Lee Little, MBA, CFP
3840 Belfort Road
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David H. Morgan MSFS, CEP, CFF
David H. Morgan MSFS, CEP, CFF
4651 salisbury Road
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Edward P. Schmitzer
5011 Gate Parkway
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Jonathan Camarda CFP, CPWA, CMT, CAIA, CHFC, CFS, CLU
Jonathan Camarda CFP, CPWA, CMT, CAIA, CHFC, CFS, CLU
3010 3rd Street South
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Dr.Jeff Camarda
Dr.Jeff Camarda
4600 Touchton Rd., Bldg. 100 Suite 150, Jacksonville, FL 32246
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