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A Lawton financial advisor is an expert who is well prepared to help you manage your money. If you feel that your finances are out of control, having objective feedback and guidance from an Oklahoma certified financial advisor could be a life saver. Sometimes all it takes to feel that you're making progress is to tie up a few loose ends. Other families may need more in-depth assistance in getting back on their feet financially.

The city of Lawton, OK, bases its economy on the nearby Fort Sill Army Post, with additional interests in education, health care and manufacturing. Lawton enjoys a large number of parks, and has access to lakes for water recreation. In Lawton, many professionals and families manage their own finances successfully. However, you may see more growth in your saving and investment accounts when you develop your portfolio with the help of a Lawton Oklahoma certified financial advisor.

Preparing Your Taxes in OK

Tax preparation is one of the top reasons that Lawton residents consult a financial advisor. An advisor who's also a certified public accountant, or CPA, can be a valuable asset when it comes to filing your taxes and claiming all of your available deductions. With all of the duties of parenthood and work to keep you busy, you may find it a relief to have the help of a financial advisor to keep you up to date with your state and federal government.

Many people in Lawton have questions for an advisor about their tax obligations for retirement accounts. Self-employed business owners may claim deductions for health insurance or an IRA. If you have a Roth IRA, your contributions are deducted after taxes. If you work for one of the manufacturing or retail companies in Lawton, you may have a tax-deferred 401k, a 403b or another Oklahoma retirement plan. When you contribute to an educational savings vehicle in preparation for your child's enrollment in college, you may have lower tax obligations as a result.

When you work with a Lawton financial advisor, the complexities of tax law are easier to navigate. Even if you use sophisticated financial software to plan your taxes, having a competent Lawton financial advisor to rely on can give you more peace of mind. You'll know that you've taken all of your available deductions when you've reviewed your forms with a Lawton financial advisor. Make sure that your advisor is authorized to prepare taxes when you have your initial consultation.

Building an Emergency Cushion

Investing in your children's education and your future as a retiree in Oklahoma can consume a lot of your savings. However, it's also important to build an emergency cushion to prepare for minor -- or not so minor -- setbacks on your road to financial success. Ultimately, a Lawton financial advisor will suggest that you have enough money saved to cover six months of expenses. As you work up to this point, try to increase your savings incrementally and avoid touching these funds unless you have a true emergency.

If you're struggling to find room in your budget to save money, review your monthly expenses with a Lawton financial advisor. You may find out that you have more options for saving than you realized. A Lawton financial advisor specializes in identifying areas of your budget where you can cut back on expenses. You can also include bonuses or tax refunds in your saving plan. If you get a raise at work, increase your savings just enough to boost the funds in your emergency account.

Planning Your OK Estate

Estate planning may seem like a distant goal if you're a young working professional. However, planning for the distribution of your property after your death is one of your primary financial responsibilities if you're a parent or have dependents who rely on your income. Talk with your consultant about life insurance, health insurance, disability coverage and other forms of protection that will secure your family's finances in the event of your death.

Whether or not you're wealthy, you have a legacy to leave your loved ones. A carefully written will ensures that your house, car, the benefits from your life insurance plan and other assets will be properly distributed to your beneficiaries. Take the time to compose a will, if you haven't already, with your advisor's help, and review the document with your attorney. Keep your will and advance directive in a safe location where they can be accessed easily if anything should happen to you.

The more time you devote to discussing your future with a Lawton financial advisor, the greater your chances of achieving the life you've dreamed of after you retire. Preparing for a comfortable life in your senior years requires thoughtful planning. Take the time to plan your future with a competent, caring professional.

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