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Legal financial advice can come from a lawyer who is additionally certified as a planner. Or, legal financial advice can come from a Certified Financial Planner whose specialty is an area of financial planning that falls under legal financial advice by default. This might include offering legal financial advice to a couple who is getting divorced.

The advice and recommendations that the financial planner provides in this case will help the divorce along. Their professional recommendations may be used in court, or in divorce mediation. It could help shape their clients' financial future. Though, there are likewise also lawyers who are dually certified to practice as attorneys and Certified Financial Planners. This can help in a wide spread of instances, including tax planning and estate planning, for instance.

Hiring a Lawyer

It is one task in itself to hire a professional to offer money advice. To find a qualified, affordable and likable professional who likewise gives good legal financial advice, can be a little more challenging to find. It is just a numbers game, though. Any how, legal advice from a lawyer on items such as estate planning and tax planning on retirement, 401k, Roth IRA, investing, parenthood and college for the kids, can all be helped along by a good attorney.

The legal perspective that a professional legal attorney can provide includes a full spectrum of perspective. Legal advice will include a full array of the implications, advantages and disadvantages to the choices that you can possibly make. An attorney can also make recommendations of what to avoid, how to refocus, how the advice, if taken, will affect you from a legal stand point. This is important when there is money that is being passed from father to heirs, or if there is a bankruptcy in the air. They can help provide legal and free online financial advice that can help with re-routing your life. It can help get you back on track.

Find Specialists

Just as you would do if you were only looking for a money planning professional, look at the specialties of the legal financial advice expert. Consider if they have the special areas of knowledge and certification in which you need the most help. This is particularly true with attorneys, because you will have to pay extra for added credentials. So, be mindful of what you need and find someone who can offer the precise areas in which you need help.

It is likewise still important to find a credentialed advisor. Pretty much any one who takes money in exchange for doling out monetary planning. So, at the least you will want to look for is a credentialed professional planner. A certified financial planner is among the best credentialed professional designations among money planners. This is because in order for these individuals to obtain their credentials they have to study very hard for rigorous exams. Once they pass those exams, and earn their credentials, they take a fiduciary oath.

The fiduciary oath indicates that they only work in the best interest of their client. They are not allowed to have conflicts of interest with their clients. They typically charge a consulting fee, called a fee-only planner, because they charge typically per hour or per project. Combine this with the legal financial advice credentials, and it is an excellent combination of credentials and professional ethics that are required for them to perform their work.

Consider your degree of success within the world of money, as well. This only means that if you are struggling, find legal financial advice from a professional who has worked with clients in the same shape before. This is so that they best understand you and your situation. It is unlikely that a professional who has had no experience with those who are struggling will have any inkling of what to do or how to do it for you. In addition, you probably do not want to have to hear that you are "poor" compared to others. It is disheartening and does nothing for your situation.

Likewise, if you are more middle of the road or wealthy, you will need the professional guidance of an individual attorney with special credentials to provide direction about your estate, for instance. Make sure that they also have served clients with a similar situation prior to you. Many times prior to you is particularly advisable and desirable. Consider also what you might want from your money for yourself.

Legal financial advice can be found, though it is important to still look for proper credentials for the attorney and the planner portion of the individual's credentials. In addition you will want a professional who charges by the hour and also has taken a fiduciary oath. Find the right professional for you who can meet your individual needs very well.

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