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A Livonia financial advisor specializes in organizing your financial life so that you can attain your most important objectives. Getting married, planning for parenthood and buying a home in Livonia are among the goals of many young adults in this suburb of Detroit, MI. As you advance in your career, you'll be ready to plan your estate and prepare for the years when you'll no longer be working. A professional MI advisor can help you reach each of these milestones.

The state of Michigan has had its economic ups and downs over the years, but most residents of Livonia have maintained a strong work ethic and a positive attitude about the future. Companies representing the automotive, pharmaceutical and food manufacturing industries employ many of the people in this city. Having a 401k through your employer or opening your own IRA or Roth IRA may be the first financial planning task you complete with a Livonia financial advisor.

Finding a Michigan financial advisor who understands your values and priorities is crucial if you want to establish a long-term working relationship. You can learn a great deal about the approach that an advisor takes to his or her clients by interviewing a number of professionals about the work they've done in Livonia. Look for a Livonia financial advisor who's personally and professionally invested in the financial outcomes of his clients.

MI Financial Advisor Myths

The most common myth about working with a Livonia financial advisor is that you must be extremely wealthy to hire a college financial planning specialist. Although many wealthy people in Livonia hire an advisor to help them manage their assets, many other clients have a modest income and are interested in increasing their net worth. If you're hoping to send your children to college in Michigan or start investing in mutual funds, stocks or annuities, you can contact a professional to help you reach these objectives.

Some Livonia residents don't hire an advisor because they don't feel they can afford a professional's fees. By talking with a number of Livonia experts, you'll see that one Livonia financial advisor may charge significantly less than another for similar services. If you don't require the services of a professional all year round, you may want to consider working with a tax expert to file your taxes, or hiring a Livonia financial advisor for a specific project, like budget development or estate planning.

Other people in the community are self-conscious about talking with an expert because they have debts, are faced with a personal emergency or might lose their job. The truth is, you don't have to be in a solid position financially to consult a Livonia financial advisor. In fact, seeking help from a professional may be exactly what you need to avert a crisis in your personal finances.

Expectations Versus Realities in Retirement

The traditional image of the 65-year-old retiree has expanded over the years. More and more Americans continue to work past the age of 65, either because they want to continue their career or because they don't want to lose contact with other professionals. Unfortunately, many people continue to work because they can't afford to live on their Social Security benefits and other sources of income they've accrued over the years.

With the average American's lifespan increasing, your expectations of the funds you'll need for living comfortably after retirement may change. Meanwhile, the costs of health care and the general costs of living keep rising, putting retirees in a financially stressful position. Most of us expect to become financially independent at some point in our lives -- preferably while we're still healthy and active enough to enjoy our freedom. However, this dream is becoming increasingly difficult to achieve without proper planning, saving and investing.

To ensure that you don't fall into the gap between expectation and reality, review your retirement goals and resources with a Livonia financial advisor. The more money you're able to save as a working adult, and the more wisely you invest, the more likely you are to maintain a comfortable standard of living after you retire. To avoid having to tap into your IRA or 401k before you're eligible to collect distributions, an adequate emergency savings fund is a necessity.

Sit down with a Livonia financial advisor to plan how much income you'll need to support the lifestyle you want to have as a retiree. A professional can project your costs of living as an older adult and help you prepare for rising health-care expenses. The sooner you start to prepare for your senior years, the more secure you'll be when you've decided to conclude your career. Give yourself the opportunity to have a comfortable retirement by hiring an expert to help you plan for the future.

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