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A Louisville financial advisor is there to help you with all of your monetary questions. If you are a business owner in Louisville, KY, you will soon learn that a financial advisor is the best source to helping you avoid the pitfalls of owning your own business. Perhaps you are a new employee on his or her first job, and would like to know if investing in a 401k plan is a good idea. Maybe you are a new parent in Louisville, KY and would like to find out how to choose the best college savings plan. No matter what your needs are, a Louisville financial advisor can provide you with the best advice from years of training.

Identifying your long and short-term goals is the first step to any economic plan. Perhaps you are a Louisville, Kentucky college student and have recently decided to go back to school to further your education, or maybe you are reaching retirement age and would like to know if the savings plan you started twenty years ago will provide you with enough income for the later years. Perhaps you are a new business owner and would like to know more about offering a 401k for employees. No matter what kind of goals you have identified, a Louisville financial advisor can help.

What is a 401K ?

A Kentucky 401k plan is a contribution plan available through some Kentucky employers that permits an employee to contribute part of their salary to an account. Federal taxes are deferred on the contributions and the earnings until such time that they are disbursed to the employee. Some 401k plans allow you to borrow money against them or remove money for specific items such as buying a first home. Some disbursements carry a heavy penalty and the taxes are due in the same tax year the money is disbursed so you may want to talk to a Louisville financial advisor before choosing to withdraw from a 401k plan.

Estate Planning

Kentucky estate planning is the plan for dealing with personal estates. An estate is defined as anything owned by an individual. This would include personal belongings, property, or financial accounts. A Louisville estate advisor can help identify the best means of dividing an estate between the parties you choose. If you would like to contribute money or assets to family members now rather than later, you can choose to disburse the estate early over time. There are laws that regulate estate disbursement so be sure to talk to a Louisville financial advisor about estate planning.

Choosing a Financial Advisor

When choosing a Louisville financial advisor you will want to interview several licensed and insured candidates before choosing an advisor to fit your needs. Be sure to find someone who not only has the background and training you require, but someone you can trust. Be sure, when you are interviewing the potential candidates that they listen closely to your goals and can come up with a plan to help you reach those goals. There are several different types of advisors available. From certified public accountants to attorneys, you can find one whose specific background can provide you with the advice you need.

If you are thinking of starting a small business in Louisville, you might want to talk first to a certified public accountant or CPA. These Louisville financial advisors are widely versed in many aspects of financial planning and can help you with a wide variety of needs. From taxes to payroll, a CPA can help you setup a business the right way the first time thus saving you time and money later.

Finance attorneys come in a wide range of expertise. From taxes to investments, you can find an attorney to help you with the legalities of any monetary concern. Perhaps you are would like to create a will for your estate, or would like help with an IRS audit. Maybe you are buying a home and would like an attorney to review the paperwork before you sign. No matter what legal questions you have, a finance attorney will provide you with the answers.

If you would like someone to review a retirement portfolio, an investment advisor may be the best Louisville financial advisor to help you understand your portfolio and determine if it will meet your retirement needs. Investment consultants can help with everything from stocks and bonds to mutual funds. Any type of investment questions are best answered by this Louisville financial advisor.

A Louisville financial advisor can help you with many economic planning questions that crop up. Take the time to identify your goals and then interview several consultants before choosing one for you. From small business owners to parents or even college students, anyone can benefit from the advice of a Louisville financial advisor.

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