Financial Advice for Married Couples

Financial advice for married couples seems like it runs the gamut. Likewise, the advice you may have seen online and on television seems like it follows the fancy of the money gurus' fads. Sometimes they recommend you absolutely keep your banking separate, which may not make much sense to you as married couples need to share expenses such as those involved with running a household and even a shared monetary future. Or, they tell you to comingle, as if that is the only way. And rest assured there are still others who say to keep some separate and some shared money. They can sometimes give the advice as if it is one sized fits all.

Though, financial advice for married couples is just advice and it needs to speak to your shared financial vision, your shared circumstances both financial and social and must ultimately make your life work the best way possible. That is why many married couples could benefit from spending time to agree on one matter: when to hire a financial advisor. It can keep you and your marriage healthy and steadily moving in the right direction.

Shared Vision

The purpose of financial advice for married couples is to streamline your life, making it work better. The majority of married couples fight about money. So, when married couples take the time to sit down and discuss money, and plan for a shared future, it can help to alleviate fighting, headaches and stress. Sure, some married couples find that for now talking about financial situations creates more headaches, but it can alleviate them.

That is all well and good, but beyond just wanting to create peace for married couples, there is more to financial advice for married couples than just talking about issues. You have a lot to work on together, and money matters follow you around wherever you go every day. There are such issues as simple as how to make sure your monthly bills are paid, to deciding on how to save for a home. And, then you may have to make tougher decisions such as when to refinance, or when to take out a home equity loan. Perhaps your money that you had saved for your 401k or Roth IRA is being threatened by a need to send your kids off to college.

Maybe you hit some snags in the road, as life will do, and your investing strategy has been sidetracked since your 20 something financial plans, and you feel you may never get to the promised land: retirement. Parenthood adds pressure to the matters of shared money and household decisions and expenses. But, there is financial advice for married couples that can help you maintain a steady course, making the best decisions for you and your family.

Finding a Professional Advisor

When you have agreed that you will not agree unless you have a third party on hand, then it is time to hire a financial advisor. They work either on commission, or you pay them when you hire them for an hourly or project-based consulting fee. They may even be paid part commission and fee-only (that's the name for the consulting fee.) Look for credentialing bodies such as the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors. There is no central credentialing body, so it is advisable that you take the time to shop around for the professional who will offer you financial advice for married couples.

Likewise, you will want to find professional advice from someone who is in good standing with their professional credentialing body, who has a clean record or clear from any problems with integrity when dealing with their clients. You will likewise want to find a professional who specializes in dealing financial advice for married couples. You may love your friends and family who are also marrieds, dearly. But, the professional advisor you choose needs to suit your needs. You may have less debt than your cousin, and may be having trouble deciding how to spend your excess cash.

Financial advice for married couples can include many pieces of the puzzle that you had never considered. A fresh perspective, and a new plan are what you can expect from your professional advisor. Enjoy that this professional has no vested emotional investment in your outcomes. The professional you hire will simply want what is best for your situation. This is true especially if their credentialing body has their credentialed professionals take a fiduciary oath. It just means you are their only motivation, not a commission check.

Financial advice for married couples includes many aspects of your situation. It is not one-size fits all advice that will work. It is more likely that your situation is complex enough that you cannot involve popular advice that is given on the Internet or television. Find a professional to help.

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