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A Mcallen financial advisor has extensive knowledge of the financial planning process, from the initial steps of setting your goals to the more advanced stages of building a retirement fund and managing your estate. Recording your goals may be one of the first projects you complete with your advisor. Although all of us have visions of the way we'd like our lives to be, putting those dreams in writing brings them into the realm of reality.

Located in the southern tip of the state of Texas near the border of Mexico, Mcallen -- known as the "City of Palms" -- is a multicultural community. As you're building a future in TX, a Mcallen financial advisor can make the process easier by guiding you through the basics of personal finance. Your goals of saving for parenthood, buying a home in Mcallen or financing your children's college education will seem more attainable when a financial professional incorporates them into a realistic time table.

A Texas finance advisor with a specialized certification in securities can help you make smart decisions when it comes to investing your income in an unpredictable market. If you're a conservative investor, you may decide to contribute to one of the more stable funds offered by your employer's 401k plan. If you're adventurous with your money, your Mcallen financial advisor can help you create a versatile portfolio to maximize your investments.

Calculating Your Assets in TX

As you devise a plan to reach your financial milestones, your Mcallen financial advisor may suggest that you start by calculating your assets. These include property or funds that you own. Your house in McAllen, car, checking account, savings, pension, IRA or Roth IRA belong in this category. Together these resources make up the first factor in the equation that determines your net worth.

If you have a permanent life insurance policy, the cash value of your plan, or the amount that you've contributed your insurance carrier's investment vehicle, also represents an asset. If you haven't purchased life insurance, talk with your Mcallen financial advisor about how to secure coverage for your family. A policy with cash value may also serve as a backup fund in case of an emergency that threatens to consume your reserves.

An asset is not just a static figure on your financial plan. Each account or piece of property represents a resource you can draw from if you suffer a crisis that affects your future in Texas. Sudden unemployment, the loss of a spouse, a natural disaster or an injury may jeopardize your goals for your senior years if you haven't built up the reserves to cover these contingencies.

Evaluating Net Worth in Mcallen

After you and your Mcallen financial advisor have taken everything that you own into account, you can tally up your liabilities. These include the amounts that you owe to lenders, individuals or the government. Your consumer debt, the mortgage on your home in Mcallen, student loans, taxes, personal loans and other debts make up this portion of the net-worth equation.

As you review these numbers with a TX financial advisor, he or she can recommend ways you can consolidate debts or cut back on spending. Responsible financial planning is a flexible process. You can modify your budget and your personal time table at any stage in your life to accommodate changes, gains or losses.

To calculate your net worth, subtract the total value of your assets from the value of your liabilities. You and your Mcallen advisor can then evaluate the results to determine where you stand in achieving your objectives. If you've already accumulated substantial resources, your Mcallen financial advisor may suggest that you turn your focus to building your wealth. You might consider expanding your investment portfolio or purchasing real estate.

If your liabilities exceed or come close to the value of your property, accounts and investments, a Mcallen financial advisor can show you strategies for reducing your obligations to lenders and to federal and state governments. With the help of an advisor who's an expert in tax preparation, you may be able to cut your tax liability. Taking out a home equity loan at a low interest rate could help you pay off high-interest consumer debt.

An experienced Mcallen financial advisor might recommend that you review these figures on a regular basis to make sure you're on track with your time table. Helping you create a positive net worth, with assets that exceed your liabilities, is one of the primary responsibilities of a professional advisor. As you look forward to the years when you're financially independent, the resources you've accrued can support you when you're ready to retire.

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