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A Miami Beach Financial Advisor is a necessity for anyone seeking to make investments in stocks and bonds, annuities, mutual funds, or Miami Beach real estate. These Florida professionals have an understanding of how various investments work as well as insight into market trends. A Miami Beach financial advisor can find the investment that best matches your specific needs whether it be a 401k, IRA or Roth IRA. And, they can guide your financial decisions to ensure a prosperous future in Miami Beach.

If you are like most people, the extent of your knowledge of smart investments is to buy low and sell high. But, trained professionals know that the ability to discover profitable investments is a skill much more complex than that. They can help you avoid the get rich quick schemes and opt for more solid ventures. A Miami Beach, Florida financial advising service will be your guide through the complex world of dollars and cents.

Ensuring your Success

A Miami Beach financial planner may have skills that range from basic budgeting to complex investing. They can help you develop a plan and strategy to meet certain goals like becoming debt free. They can also be your best resource when buying a home, whether it be your first home or a real estate investment property. And, a Miami Beach financial advisor can help you prepare for life events like parenthood, sending your child to college, and retirement. With sound advice, they can help you establish a portfolio strong enough to weather the ups and downs of an ever changing economy, and give you peace of mind so you can get back to enjoying life in the Florida sun.

If you are a small business owner, a Florida financial advisor is an essential key to your business' success. Find a Miami Beach professional that specializes in small business needs like health insurance options, business loans and investments, and efficiency strategies. Contracting with a FL financial planner can greatly impact your profit margin and ensure company longevity. And, through their years of experience in FL and well established network of contacts, they may even provide you access to FL small business investments you wouldn't otherwise be able to take advantage of.

Protecting your Investments

A Miami Beach financial advisor will give you the option of signing a Power of Attorney. A General Power of Attorney will allow the advisor to transfer money between your accounts and investments without your specific consent each time. A Limited Power of Attorney is more common and allows the advisor to act on your behalf, but limits the extent of their independent decision making authorization. If you do not understand any of the information in the Power of Attorney document be sure to ask questions before you sign it. If necessary, consult a trusted family member or friend who may be more familiar with these types of documents.

It may be wise to select a Miami Beach, free financial advising service who utilizes an independent custodian to hold all funds. This allows the advisor to buy or sell on your behalf, but they do not have access to cash out on your accounts. The involvement of a Miami Beach independent custodian greatly reduces the risk of fraud. When you make a deposit to any investment, be sure to write the check directly to the custodian rather than to your Miami Beach financial advisor.

Also, it is important to keep records of all of your investments including account numbers, contact information, and balances. Review your monthly statements and monitor all of the transactions on the accounts. If you have any questions or concerns with any of your accounts, call your Miami Beach financial advisor to discuss them immediately. A credible professional will be willing to address any of these concerns and put your mind at ease.

And, you should always meet with your advisor at least once a year to ensure that current investments are on track and to discuss any life or economic changes that could impact your financial portfolio. Your consultant should also be accessible by phone or email throughout the year to discuss any questions or concerns that may arise. Some consultants even publish client newsletters that offer a wealth of information and send them by mail or email. The more aggressive your investment plan is, the more often you will need to touch base with your Miami Beach financial advisor.

Each day we are faced with various decisions, some of them more essential than others. Many of these decisions can be overwhelming, especially if they have a great impact on our finances. That is why it is important to consult a money expert for any decisions that deal with money matters. Partnering with a Miami Beach financial advisor will be the best financial decision you make!

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