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A Neenah financial advisor can participate in the major decisions you make that affect your finances. From getting ready for parenthood to setting up your retirement accounts, Wisconsin financial experts have the training and experience to help you achieve your most cherished goals. Take advantage of the knowledge that a WI financial advisor has to offer by finding a consultant through this website. It's easy to compare the fees and services of advisors in your area when you have online resources at your fingertips.

Neenah, Wisconsin is a hard-working community located on the banks of Lake Winnebago. Paper and steel manufacturing form the economic backbone of this city, and many of the city's residents work for one of its large mills or factories. As you earn a living and raise your family in Neenah, it's reassuring to know that you can count on the advice of a Neenah financial advisor to help you handle setbacks or windfalls. Whether you're wealthy or have a modest income, take the time to talk with a Neenah financial advisor to find out how he or she can move you towards your goals.

Savings Strategies in WI

Saving money has become a more complicated enterprise these days, with all of the different options and obligations that you have in Neenah. Instead of having one simple pension plan, many Neenah residents have a 401k, IRA or Roth IRA. You may also have a permanent life insurance policy with a cash value, a fixed-rate annuity and a certificate of deposit in your portfolio. When you work with a Neenah financial advisor, you can organize your funds to make the most of your savings and investments.

A financial advisor will tell you that in order to cover all your bases, you need at least one retirement contribution fund and a more liquid account for emergencies. Traditional savings accounts are one of the best ways to build a reserve for setbacks and crises. If you don't have a cushion available, you may end up accruing high-interest credit card debt as you try to pay all of your bills while covering auto repairs, plumbing expenses or other unforeseen needs.

Saving for specific goals is another important aspect of the financial strategy you'll develop with your advisor. If you hope to send your children to college in Wisconsin or one of the neighboring states, a financial advisor can show you how to set aside a portion of your income for the future costs of tuition by investing in an educational savings plan. These state-sponsored, tax-deferred savings programs help you avoid the costs of inflation by guaranteeing that your savings will match the costs of tuition when your child is ready to enroll.

Money market accounts, U.S. savings bonds and certificates of deposit, or CDs, can play important roles in your saving agenda. These funds provide a higher rate of return on your savings, which gives you an incentive for leaving the funds untouched until you've met your goal. In addition, you'll be required to pay penalties if you redeem a savings bond or a CD before the maturity date, which may remove the temptation to tap into those reserves on an impulse.

Job Security in WI

Like the rest of the country, Neenah experiences its economic ups and downs. Even if you have a secure position in the community, a financial advisor will recommend that you invest in disability insurance to protect your income if you are seriously injured. Saving enough funds to cover at least six months of expenses is another method for avoiding a crisis if you lose your job. Sit down with a Neenah financial advisor to talk about how you can prepare for the future with insurance and savings.

If you've already been laid off, or you're facing a lay-off, consult a Neenah financial advisor as soon as possible to get started on a game plan. Your Neenah financial advisor will recommend that you apply for unemployment benefits immediately, and that you evaluate all of your options before you consider withdrawing from your 401k or IRA to cover expenses. Government agencies offer programs to help individuals who have been laid off get back into the work force and get back on their feet quickly.

Finding a Neenah Advisor

Although it's easy to get in touch with multiple advisors online, finding a Neenah financial advisor who can become a working partner in your life may take more time. Talk with several professionals about their educational background, their experience in the community and their professional interests. Look for a consultant whose experience corresponds closely with your needs. With a Neenah financial advisor on your team, your finances may soon seem more manageable. Discuss your goals with a professional so that you can achieve the independence you’ve imagined.

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