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A Norfolk financial advisor can be a great resource to anyone who would like to secure his or her economic future. Perhaps you are planning parenthood would like to formulate a plan to put them through college in Norfolk, CA. Perhaps you are a business owner in Norfolk, California and would like some help with business finances or maybe you are a retiree who would like to go back to work and are concerned with how the income will your social security. Whatever your financial question, a Norfolk financial advisor can help.

College Savings Plans

In today's society, a college degree is imperative for success. Unfortunately, universities are expensive and costs are likely to rise even higher as your child reaches university age. Many of us wait to save for college until our children are well into their school years. The best way to save for education costs, however, is to start saving early. There are a wide variety of college savings plans available in Norfolk, California. One is the more popular ones is the 529 program.

The 529 plan is a California college savings program that is provided by the state. An advisor will administer the plan for the state and will work with the parents to develop a portfolio that is based on the number of children they have and their budget. There are caps to the amount you can save for each dependent and minimum contributions required. Discuss the plan with a Norfolk financial advisor to determine if it is the right program for you.

The Coverdell ESA is another type of college savings plan available. This plan was put into effect in 1997 as an education IRA and has recently been renamed Coverdell ESA by Congress. You can contribute up to a certain amount of funds per child each year to this program. The earnings accumulate tax deferred and in if utilized for approved education expenses may be tax-free. The monies in this program must be used for education, cashed out, or moved to another family member by the time the child reaches the age of 30. For parents in Norfolk who have multiple children, and appreciate the flexibility of investing the money the way they want, this program is ideal. This program does have maximum income limits so discuss your financial eligibility with a Norfolk financial advisor.

It is wise to begin your college investments early and continue to increase the amounts you save as you can. Talk to a Norfolk financial advisor to establish the appropriate plan for your needs and your budget. If your child does not use the savings, you can talk to an advisor about moving the money to another investment option or give it to the child to provide them an advantage on their own financial future in Norfolk.

Retirement Savings

There are many retirement savings plans available. Any Norfolk financial advisor will tell you it is important to begin saving for retirement as early as possible. Planning for retirement is now more important than ever because people are living longer and healthier lives. Because of this, the need for additional savings has increased. Because of the increased cost of living and medical expenses in Norfolk, it is imperative to have an advisor help you develop a retirement plan that can provide you with an income long after you retire.

The best way to begin retirement savings early is to utilize the 401k plan available through many employers. 401k plans are savings and investment plans offered by employers, which allow employees to contribute a portion of their salaries into the plan and then choose from a variety of mutual funds to invest it into. Many employers will also match all or a percentage of the employee's contribution. If your employer offers to match a percentage of your contributions, your advisor will probably advise you to contribute at least as much as the employer will match if possible.

Retirement savings plan come in a variety of different options to choose from. Talk to a Norfolk financial advisor about other plans such as a Roth IRA, mutual funds, or variable annuities to increase your savings. No matter which retirement savings plan you choose, it is important to start saving early and contribute as much as you can afford. With careful planning and the help of an advisor, your retirement funds will provide you with financial security during your retirement years.

A Norfolk financial advisor can be found online to help with any financial need you have. Whether you are buying a home to or planning for retirement the advice from a financial advisor is priceless. From college students to business owners, anyone with an income will benefit from the recommendations a trained Norfolk financial advisor can provide.

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