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Offer financial advice to anyone and they may just listen to you, even if you are not certified or qualified to provide advice. In turn, when you are looking for financial advice, there are many well meaning family and friends who may also want to offer financial advice to you. Instead, look to professionals who are vetted and credentialed to offer financial advice to you. Likewise, refer your family and friends to professionals who can offer financial advice.

A professional has not only learned financial subject matter, but they have also been awarded their credentials only after having passed rigorous exams that test their financial knowledge and advice skills. When a professional body awards such credentials they include a code of conduct, a code of ethics, and otherwise high standards of professional practice.

Look for this in exchange for your money. Likewise, find out if the financial advising reviews and service professionals who will offer financial advice to you, your family, and your friends, is fee only or a salesperson paid by commission. This will allow you to determine if you will be paying them only when you purchase financial products or time in exchange for money. When a professional does offer advice as a consultant, you pay them by the hour or per project. This equates to fee only advice.

Services Rendered

When you hire a professional who will offer financial advice, there are a few services that you can expect. Any professional who can offer planning help will evaluate your standing with your money. For instance, they will look at your income compared to your expenses. If you spend more than you make, you will either need to find ways to increase your income, or cut back on spending. Likewise, you may find that you are in deep debt compared to your assets. This means you may have to use that "found money" to slash your debt.

Any professional will provide an analysis of your monetary story. They will then compare your goals against your reality to help guide you successfully into your future. When you have completed the process, look to the professional to re-evaluate your process and progress periodically. It is likely that you will want to find a professional with whom you can work with on a long term basis.

Professional Viewpoints

For one it is important that you understand that there are various vantage points from which a financial professional works. This is because the industry is not regulated by one body. Instead, there are different groups that award credentials. Some of those even include the group that designates and awards Certified Public Accountants their credentials, for instance.

This points to another aspect of those professionals who offer financial advice. They do so often times armed with specialties or even sub specialties. They may offer to evaluate your financial investments, books, portfolio, debt to earnings ratio and the like. Though, they may each have different professional strengths.

For example, if you look to a CPA who is doubly armed with the credentials to offer financial advice, you may find germane tax advice. This guidance could save you thousands of dollars, whether you are also a small business owner or even a graduate student. Its implications may reach far deeper into your life, such as with retirement and also estate planning as well.

Define Special Concerns

What this means for you, your family, or your friends is that you first need to know at the least what your needs are. There may be special needs that you have that require professionals who offer considerable help for you to succeed. Perhaps you have had a rough patch with debt and income, and you have started a new job. It could be time to talk to the CPA who has planning credentials as well. There may be tax implications for looking for work for 3 years, for instance.

Look also at what a legal professional can offer, in particular with regard to estate planning. There are also other areas of concern that can affect planning as well, such as purchasing long term care insurance. You may be starting your own business in response to a long term layoff, and need to find out whether you need your own long term disability and short term disability insurance. There are insurance professionals who are also credentialed to offer planning assistance as well.

When you have decided on your goals and any special needs, then you are close to finding the professional for you. Also, there is a wide range of prices that they charge. So, do make sure you are comfortable with the price.

Offer financial advice and your friends and family may instead wish to hear from a professional. Instead, provide them referrals to professionals. Those who are trained can help your family excel.

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