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A Portland financial advisor helps individuals and businesses work through present financial issues and set goals for future prosperity through investments and other choices. Portland Oregon residents have the privilege of choosing from among numerous qualified advisors to find the one that best fits their needs and expectations. Some of us in and around town need to redirect our paths financially. Getting some expert advice in the process can be extremely valuable. A Portland financial advisor has the expertise to give wise counsel and the access to introduce consumers to great programs designed to help them regain forward momentum in their financial lives.

Retirement and educational expenses are another concern for many people in Portland Oregon. OR residents who are getting ready to substantially invest for the first time could use all the help they can get to ensure they avoid some of the common pitfalls of investing. Getting introduced to low risk tax sheltered college investments and help choosing between them is a very helpful thing to most of us in Portland. If your need falls within the realm of personal finance, you can find a qualified Portland financial advisor to help you take on the challenge and come up with a positive solution.

Credit Counseling Service for Families

Many individuals and families have been hit hard in recent years by downsizing and layoffs at area businesses as well as companies going under entirely. More and more Oregon families have had to resort to the use of credit cards for more than just infrequent purchases. Essential items like groceries and gasoline are appearing on credit card statements these days because people often do not have the cash flow necessary to make these buys out of pocket. With every passing month some Portland residents go deeper into personal debt.

This continuous cycle has to end for consumers or they are going to have to face some tough choices. Credit counseling attempts to evaluate the entire Oregon consumer debt load carried by a family and try to come up with ways to reduce it and cut down on interest rates so that repayment is much easier to accomplish. Responding after job loss or other difficult circumstances is tough. Having the help of a Portland financial advisor can at least make things a little bit easier.

Retirement and College Investment Options

An OR financial advisor is a great source for information on retirement and higher education investment options. Some investors are content to opt for a simple IRA or a 401k and they just want to know the best value or highest performing accounts of these varieties. Others have more exotic leanings, thinking beyond even a Roth IRA and mutual fund to other, less conventional areas. An advisor can get you up to speed on what your best bet might be, and fill you in on the past performance of each product.

College savings can be mighty frustrating. Knowing that we have a limited period of time to invest and a very limited amount of capital available for that investment can make some people feel that it might be a waste of time to get into a college investment fund of some kind. But a Portland financial advisor can demonstrate why this is untrue. Witness how much good even small contributions can do over time. Check out investment calculators based on simple parameters and get encouraged on your own ability to invest and deal with this particular cost of parenthood.

Review Fee Only Financial Advisors

Find out what you want to know about financial advisors. Learn the difference between fee based and fee only advisors. Find an advisor who's billing process best matches your expectations. Any Portland financial advisor can try to answer all your questions you have as a Portland investor. But not every financial advisor will have the right qualifications and experience to match up with your needs. Finding the right Portland advisor is crucial.

Search for the right Portland financial advisor online and seek the right fit. If you need help buying a home or building up an emergency fund, locate a Portland financial advisor with interest and experience in those areas. There is no reason to settle for the first finance professional you come across when there are numerous well qualified pros in your area. Truthfully, not all advisors may want to work with you, anyway. Some are fully booked, and others only specialize in certain areas of finance or only deal with portfolios above a certain value.

It is important to find an advisor who is just as interested in working with you as you are in being represented by them. A good fit is essential if you are to maximize your short and long term potential. Search online and find a Portland financial advisor.

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Michael D. Clancy, CDFA
Michael D. Clancy, CDFA
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Greg Bowen, CFP, ChFC
8050 SW Pfaffle St. #100
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Laura Johnson
10500 SW Greenburg Suite 200
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Van  Mason, CFP, CLU, MBA
Van Mason, CFP, CLU, MBA
Offices in Portland and Beaverton - 8625 SW Cascade Avenue Suite 240 Beaverton, Oregon 97008
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Thomas Daniels
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David Fennell
305 SE Chkalov Drive Suite 113
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Van Mason, CFP, CLU, MBA
Van Mason, CFP, CLU, MBA
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Vancouver, WA 98684