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A Racine financial advisor can be your guide as you map the course of your family's future. For every landmark that you hope to reach, you need a certain amount of financial preparation. A WI financial advisor can show you how to prepare for milestones like getting married, having children, starting your own business or retiring comfortably in Racine. With a Wisconsin finances professional on your side, you'll be able to reach these goals, and more.

Living in Racine, you can enjoy the conveniences and cultural opportunities that city life provides, along with the scenic beauty of Lake Michigan. When you crave the excitement of an urban environment, you're only 30 miles from Milwaukee. Racine is a hard-working city, where residents know the value of their money and like to see as much growth from their savings and investments as possible. With the help of a Racine financial advisor, you can increase the value of your income and pave the way to a prosperous future.

Preparing for Parenthood in WI

Getting ready for the responsibilities of being a parent motivates many residents of Racine to seek help from a Racine financial advisor. Raising children has never been easy, but the challenges of modern life and economic inflation seem to have made it more difficult to meet your family's needs. If you're struggling to save enough money to pay for your child's college tuition, while keeping up with your own retirement goals, you're not alone.

A Racine financial advisor with experience and training in investment strategies can show you how to build a diversified portfolio, so that you can make the most of the income you earn from your Wisconsin employer and provide a stable life for your new family. When you work with a WI financial advisor, you don't have to navigate the complexities of investment accounts alone. A consultant can tell you the pros and cons of investing in stocks, mutual funds, bonds or annuities.

A reliable Racine financial advisor won't recommend that young parents invest beyond their level of risk tolerance. Once your children are born, it's important to start saving for their education with an educational savings plan, or ESP. These state-sponsored, tax-deferred investment vehicles enable you to set aside funds for the future costs of tuition, which makes it possible for you to avoid the effects of inflation. Talk with your financial advisor about setting up a prepaid tuition plan sponsored by the state of Wisconsin.

Racine Savings and Investment Options

A financial advisor can tell you that there are many ways to save and invest your money and can help you find the right investment tools to work with. Finding the right combination of accounts and services to help you meet your goals is one of the tasks of a Racine financial advisor. Every family or single adult needs an emergency savings fund, preferably held in a liquid account that's easy to access if you need to pay for an unexpected medical service or car repair. Your Racine financial advisor may recommend that you eventually build up enough savings to cover six months of expenses.

Figuring out the most effective investment strategies requires gauging your tolerance for risk. While some young professionals are ambitious about earning a profit on the stock market, others are more conservative and don't want to risk their funds on volatile accounts. Work with your Racine financial advisor to find the ideal combination of stocks, bonds or mutual funds to help you earn profits while staying within your comfort zone.

U.S. savings bonds and annuities are reliable savings options for young families who are looking for ways to earn interest on their savings without taking a lot of risks. In addition to the 401k, IRA or Roth IRA that you've established for your retirement years, consider investing in stable accounts that will grow gradually over the years. Many Racine parents purchase U.S. savings bonds for their children when they are born. Review your savings and investment options with your financial advisor to see how you can benefit your family financially.

Connecting with Advisors Online

Having internet access at home or at work makes it easy to contact advisors in your area. You can compare quotes on fees for service, request information and set appointments to talk with consultants -- all without leaving the comfort of your house. Make the most of the resources on this website as you start your search for a financially savvy, professional planner.

The more information you have available about your finances, the better prepared you'll be to meet with a Racine financial advisor in person. Bring tax returns, account statements and records of your liabilities to your initial interview, so that your consultant can help you evaluate your status and clarify your goals. An advisor's expertise will help you achieve those objectives while avoiding common pitfalls on the road to success.

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