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A Rochester financial advisor is an excellent resource for all things relating to personal finance. Choose an experienced professional with training in the areas of finance that will best meet your needs. Once you have chosen the right advisor the rest is easy.

You may meet with an advisor for basic financial needs like banking, budgeting, and credit. Or, you may consult them when investing in a 401k, IRA, or Roth IRA. Whether you are in college, facing parenthood or anticipating retirement, a Rochester financial advisor will help steer your decisions toward success.

Credit Score

It is important to know and understand your credit score. There are three major credit reporting companies. They are Experion, Equifax, and transunion. Your credit score may differ slightly between companies as the information they have may differ. You may request one free credit report a year and you may also pay to review your credit score on a monthly basis.

Your credit score allows lenders to determine your future risk. By taking a look at your past credit patterns they are able to anticipate your future ones. The higher your credit score rating, the more likely it is that a lender would offer you credit. It is important to periodically monitor your credit report for fraud attempts and inaccurate reporting. If any such things do appear on your report, a Rochester financial advisor may be able to direct you as to how to resolve those issues.

A Rochester financial advisor can review your report and offer sound advice to help raise your score and appeal to lenders. It is important to maintain a healthy balance of secured and unsecured ratio. And, you always want ensure your available credit doesn't exceed your income capabilities. A Rochester financial advisor will consider all of these aspects when making recommendations on strengthening your credit.

Banking Basics

Many Minnesota financial institutions attempt to draw customers by offering a small gift or cash incentive to open an account. But, there is much more to consider than what color you want your gift lunch box to be. Which MN bank you choose should be based on your individual needs. For example, if you often live paycheck to paycheck you will want to avoid any accounts that have minimum balance requirements. However, if you anticipate having large amount of cash in your account you may want to choose an account that offers interest rates.

A local Rochester financial advisor professional can help you determine all of your needs and set up an account that is customized for you. A Rochester advisor will help ensure you have adequate overdraft protection as well as avoid any unnecessary annual fees. A Rochester financial advisor can look over your checking account agreement and ensure you are aware of all aspects of it like ATM fees. Many Rochester, MN banks offer better interest rates on savings accounts, and lower interest rates on loans for customers that utilize multiple products and services. Your Rochester financial advisor will assist you in finding a financial institution that can meet a variety of your financial needs such as checking and savings accounts, vehicle and Rochester, MN property loans, credit cards, etc.

Pay by Plastic

If you use your credit card often and always pay the full balance, a credit card with a rewards program may be a good fit for you. The rewards programs usually consist of a cash back or points system to be exchanged for items or gift cards. The best option is to always pay your full balance on your credit card each month; however, at the very least minimum balance requirements must be met. Consult your Rochester advisor to determine which credit card offer best suits your financial situation. You will thank them as you are cashing in your rewards points for a Caribbean vacation for two.

Do not blindly trust the pre-approval offers that come by bulk mail, instead you should always read the fine print to discover any hidden fees or requirements. Remember that any requests for credit, whether granted or not, may affect your credit score. It is not wise to attempt to take advantage of every credit offer that comes your way. If you are unsure of an offer or if it just seems too good to be true, contact your Rochester advisor and ask them to review the fine print with you. It could save you a lot of time and frustration in the end.

You may turn to your Rochester financial advisor for all of your money matters. This trusted Minnesota professional is there to guide you through all of your financial decisions, big or small, to help you achieve all of your goals. Contact a local Rochester advisor today and begin building a better future for yourself in Minnesota.

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