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A San Leandro financial advisor can help you find the money manager in you. You do not have to have great wealth to hire an advisor. A San Leandro financial advisor is affordable and their guidance will actually help you save money over time. Turn to a San Leandro financial advisor for all of your personal money matters and begin to experience true financial freedom and peace of mind today. There are several areas that a financial advisor can help you with.

Debt Consolidation

Debt is common for most people in San Leandro and across the country, but if payments are not regularly made it can sky rocket out of control. Making minimum payments barely covers the interest of some credit cards and the balance may still grow over time even if no more credit is used. If you have found yourself overwhelmed with bills and your California financial debt seems to be escalating beyond what you can overcome, there is hope for you in San Leandro. There are several loans in CA specifically designed for the consumer that has found themselves in over their head with their CA lenders. They are structured so that the new lender pays the balance all of your old debt bringing all of your balances into one large loan and you then only have to make one monthly payment to your new lender.

You have probably seen commercials on television for these types of debt consolidation and repayment plans. But, not all debt consolidation plans are a wise choice. Even though you may be making a smaller monthly payment to one lender, the interest rate on this new loan may be much higher than many of the previous ones. This means that over time you will be spending a lot more money to get debt free than you were before. And, the penalties for late payments on debt consolidation loans can be much greater.

A San Leandro financial advisor can be easily found in a finance advisement directory and can help you determine if a debt consolidation loan is a smart option for you. And, if it is, they can assist you in finding a loan that will help pay down your debt much quicker. If consolidation is not a good fit for you, a San Leandro financial advisor can draft a plan for debt repayment to show you how you can pay back your debt faster and save money on high interest rates in the long run. Either way, when facing a tough financial situation, it is good to have a CA professional on your side to help guide you back to financial stability.

A Monthly Plan

Your San Leandro financial advisor will meet with you in person to discuss how your funds are currently allocated each month. If you have a budget plan already, bring this to the meeting and be open with them about how realistic the budget is. It will not be useful for you to structure a budget that you are not going to be able to follow. With all of this information, the San Leandro planner will then create a new budget plan for you to use each month. It will include all of your set bills, discretionary spending amounts, as well as funds that you have allocated toward savings and investments in San Leandro.

A Firm Future in San Leandro

Not only can a California advisor help you work to look beyond your years of parenthood toward a debt free future, but they can help you structure an investment plan to save for important things like sending your children to college and your retirement plan. If your San Leandro employer offers a 401K plan, talk to your San Leandro financial advisor about your contribution amounts and have them forecast how much you will be able to save with that amount. Your California advisor can also help you choose between an IRA and Roth IRA by explaining the differences and benefits of each. And, with your San Leandro financial advisor you can also explore the world of short and long term investing with stocks and bonds. It is much easier to have one California financial advisor manage all of your investment accounts in one place.

When you are sick you visit a doctor, so it makes sense to also see an expert when you need help with your money. A financial advisor can help you pull yourself out of debt, set an easy to manage monthly budget, and structure an investment plan that will prepare you for your future. Locate a skilled San Leandro financial advisor today. When you fill out the form above we will give you access to several talented professionals in your area that can give you the direction you seek to become a fiscally successful individual.

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