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A South Bend financial advisor can guide you through the financial crises of your life as well as helping your reach important milestones. With the ups and downs of today's economy, a job loss could have a profound effect on your finances. If you've already accumulated an emergency savings, an advisor can show you how to maximize those funds and take advantage of federal or state benefits to provide for your family until you're working again.

If your Indiana financial planning obligations have prevented you from saving enough money to cover unforeseen events, a South Bend financial advisor can work with you to revise your budget to prepare for these contingencies. Even if you're in the thick of a crisis, it's never too late to seek help from a professional advisor. Find a trustworthy Indiana financial advisor with a strong reputation in South Bend to assist you in making a full recovery.

The city of South Bend, IN has its economic roots in the fur-trading industry. As the city grew, South Bend became a thriving center of automobile manufacturing. Today most of the city's residents work for one of the nearby Indiana universities, health care facilities or national corporations. As South Bend strives to expand its economy, you can make progress in your own financial life with the help of a South Bend financial advisor.

Handling Job Loss in IN

Recovering from the loss of a job can be a trying experience financially and emotionally. Having a knowledgeable South Bend financial advisor to rely on can relieve some of the stress of sudden unemployment in IN. If you're unable to find another career opportunity right away, an experienced advisor can help you identify the resources that you have available to support your loved ones until you've found new placement.

If you've been laid off from your position, your South Bend financial advisor may urge you to apply for unemployment benefits immediately. You may require confirmation from your employer to verify your eligibility. The sooner you begin the process of filing for unemployment, the sooner you'll be able to collect. As you adjust your budget to accommodate your situation, don't forget that unemployment benefits are considered taxable income.

Your employer may have offered you a severance package upon your termination. Review the offer carefully with your South Bend financial advisor before you sign any agreements. Check your offer to see how it may affect your unpaid vacation, sick days or comp time. Ask your employer how long you can extend medical coverage under the company's insurance plan. You may also want to consider extending your coverage through COBRA or applying for protection under your spouse's insurance.

If you've been contributing to a 401k through your employer, talk with your South Bend financial advisor about how to roll over these funds. You may decide to convert this plan to an IRA or Roth IRA. Your Indiana advisor can show you how to convert your retirement funds to a personal account without incurring tax penalties. Investing in an individual savings account allows you to continue building your savings even while you're unemployed.

Financial Recovery Strategies

After long-term unemployment, recovering your savings and restoring your net worth may seem like impossible tasks. Talk to a South Bend financial advisor about how you can rebuild your assets. Your dreams of parenthood, buying a home, financing your children's college education or leading an independent life after you retire are still within your grasp.

When you start your new job, you may need to spend some time catching up financially before you can save and invest at your previous level. Your South Bend advisor may suggest that you avoid making aggressive investments at this time. It may be tempting to recoup your funds as soon as possible through a volatile market, but waiting until you're more stable may be a more prudent approach.

If you don't have life insurance, this may be a good time to consider a permanent life policy. Whole life insurance enables you to set aside a portion of your premiums in an investment account that grows in value over the years. This fund can supplement your income during future emergencies. In the unlikely event of your death, your loved ones will receive guaranteed benefits to replace your earnings.

Looking to the future, you and your South Bend financial advisor may need to adjust your projected savings. When you're ready to retire in South Bend, you'll need adequate resources to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. In addition to covering the financial basics, you may want to increase your investment allocations in order to have funds available for travel, home improvement or other goals you hope to achieve when you're financially independent.

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