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A St Petersburg financial advisor can help you understand a retirement portfolio in St Petersburg, FL, create a family budget, or can provide you an understanding of the requirements of buying a home. From college education to planning parenthood, there are advisors available to provide advice to anyone living in St Petersburg, FL.

A St Petersburg financial advisor is someone who is licensed in Florida to provide you with advice on a wide range of monetary questions. Perhaps you would like to receive money management tips, or would like to understand more about mutual funds. Maybe you are planning to open a small business and would like a financial consultation about business finances. No matter what type of economic question you may have, a St Petersburg financial advisor can help you with any Florida needs.

Planning Retirement

Florida has one of the highest retiree populations in the country. Many retirees will have a winter home in the sunshine state and a summer home in another part of the country to escape the summer heat and humidity. If you would like to be one of these people, you will need to start your Florida retirement planning early. This means you will need to develop a savings plan with a St Petersburg financial advisor and contribute to it faithfully throughout your career.

Today people are living longer and healthier lives than ever before. Because of this, you may outlive the funds you have saved. Although this can be a scary thought, there are savings plans available to help you avoid this pitfall. A St Petersburg financial advisor can help you choose the right plan for you and work with you on a portfolio as your age and needs change. One of the first savings plans that many begin with is a 401k plan.

Available Retirement Plans

A 401k plan is a retirement plan available through many St Petersburg employers that allow employees to contribute monies from their salary pre tax for retirement. This money is then invested, usually at the discretion of the employee, into funds that can provide them earnings. If you begin early with a 401k plan, you will quickly see how even a small contribution each week can quickly increase savings. A St Petersburg financial advisor can help you understand how these funds work and which investments you should choose based on your retirement needs.

Another investment you may want to discuss with a St Petersburg consultant is mutual funds. This type of program is available for a small investment. The investor purchases shares of a portfolio, which is then managed by an advisor and usually includes at least 50 different securities. The investor's money is combined with the money from other investors and invested into a variety of securities, stocks, and bonds. You can choose to have the earnings reinvested automatically if that is your desire, which allows the earnings to earn you even more savings over time. Talk to a financial advisor in St Petersburg to determine if mutual funds are a good option for you.

Annuities are another option for retirement income. An annuity is a plan where you make a deposit or regular deposits into an account over time, which an insurance advisor then makes a series of payments back to you upon retirement. There are two phases of annuities. The deferral phase is the time between when you established the plan and the time when it begins to pay you. During the deferral phase the value of the money you contributed will increase tax deferred either at a fixed or variable rate. The second phase is the income phase where you begin drawing from the annuity. Talk to a St Petersburg financial advisor to determine if an annuity plan is one that you should consider.

Another popular option a St Petersburg financial advisor might recommend is a Roth IRA plan. An IRA or individual retirement account is available to anyone who currently has an employment income. In the case of a Roth IRA, you can make contributions after tax and then the earnings are tax deferred meaning that you will pay the taxes upon receiving the funds. Talk to a financial advisor to determine if a traditional or Roth IRA is the right plan to help you meet your goals.

A St Petersburg financial advisor is someone who can provide you step by step instructions on how to meet any financial goals. Whether you need an investment advisor to help you with a retirement portfolio, or a certified public accountant to help you with small business needs, a financial advisor will help you manage your money and realize your goals. If you shop online today, you can find available financial advisors in St Petersburg to help you start saving tomorrow.

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