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The Stamford financial advisor you choose to help you manage your savings and investments will play a key role in shaping your future. The city of Stamford has a long, distinguished history in CT, and the financial professionals who work in the community take their responsibilities seriously. When you seek guidance from an advisor in Connecticut, you have the reassurance of knowing that a qualified expert is looking out for your best interests.

Many Stamford residents commute to Manhattan, home of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange. The Fortune 500 companies in Stamford also employ New York residents who reverse-commute to Connecticut. Whether you crave the adventure of investing in a volatile market or you prefer to make more conservative investments, a Stamford financial advisor can assist you in developing a portfolio that meets your needs. Having an expert at your side who knows the ins and outs of the stock market, tax law, insurance and retirement planning will ease your path to a comfortable future.

Preparing for Parenthood in CT

Stamford is an ambitious, industrious community, where opportunities for education and cultural enrichment abound. Even before you start your family or think about buying a home, a Stamford financial advisor can assess your income, your savings, your insurance status and your liquid assets to determine how you can allocate your financial resources to provide a secure life for your family. If you're planning to send your children to college, you'll find many outstanding private and public institutions within an easy traveling distance from Stamford.

Being a responsible parent means looking out for yourself as well as your family. If you don't have adequate life or health insurance through your employer, your Stamford financial advisor can help you find affordable options to protect your loved ones and your property in Stamford in case of a financial emergency or natural disaster. Through a 401k plan, an IRA or a Connecticut Roth IRA, you can begin setting aside money for yourself and your spouse for the time when your children are grown and you're ready to retire.

Setting Realistic Goals

A prudent investment advisor never makes unrealistic promises or sets impractical goals for clients. Although dreams of financial freedom may motivate you to make the sacrifices that will secure your future, you may be confronted with setbacks along the way. Your agenda should include establishing a fund to cover emergencies or unexpected needs. With the help of a Stamford financial advisor, you can adjust your strategies to include covering unforeseen events such as divorce, illness or injury, the loss of a job or taking on the responsibility of caring for an elderly parent.

As you're setting aside money for the years to come, you may also need to work with your advisor to repay debts from the past. An experienced advisor can counsel you on revising your budget and reducing your expenses so that you can pay off loans or credit accounts without compromising your financial health. A Stamford financial advisor can offer suggestions about refinancing your home in Connecticut or consolidating high-interest loans so that you can recover from debt before you retire.

Your Stamford financial advisor won't mislead you about your time frame for retirement. In the current economy, many people find themselves working longer than they had anticipated. Some retirees decide to return to work part-time to supplement their income, expand their social contacts or pursue a second career. If you decide to extend your employment or rejoin the workforce later in life, your advisor can help you revise your schedule and re-evaluate your resources.

Paving the Way to Independence

If you elect to retire early or apply a portion of your savings to your children's tuition, consult your Stamford financial advisor about federal and state tax regulations regarding your withdrawal of funds. Depending on how old you are, how long you have had your individual accounts and how much money you've accumulated, our advisor may recommend that you refinance your home, apply for a home equity loan or draw from other liquid assets rather than incurring tax penalties. Withdrawing funds early could mean less income in the years ahead.

When you're ready to roll over your savings and transition into a more flexible lifestyle, your Stamford financial advisor will evaluate your financial status and offer advice on how you can maintain your current standard of living. You may decide to sell your home or liquidate other assets in order to pursue dreams of traveling, returning to school or starting a small business. When you're no longer employed, you may need additional insurance to cover yourself, your spouse and your home. An expert can help you map the future you desire while safeguarding your health and your property.

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