Stock Option Symbols

Stock option symbols are important because they are used to identify very important details regarding stock options.

The different symbols include letters and numbers in certain combinations that are interpreted in a way that prevents errors from occurring when individuals are investing in options. For instance, the months are identified by letters A-L with January being A and December being L when an individual is calling. If they're putting, the letters that are used are M through X with M being January and X being December.

Price Codes

There are also price codes. These are codes that are used to identify a specific price. For instance, if the price code is A, then the price is x05. If the price code is G, the price is x35.

The price codes do not follow any particular alphabetic order. The order they are in goes like this: A, U, B, V, C, W, D, X, and then they follow the alphabet from E through until T.

The letter A, although it is listed as x05, could mean $5, $105, $205 and so on. Fortunately, this issue does not really affect stocks since stock option splits ensure that they stay under $100. But in case of a security, such as those that are on the S&P 500, these symbols can be quite confusing. You could find well over 100 different options listed and spread over a strike price range that is hundreds of dollars. Such exchanges as the OEX can swing over a large range, so the A symbol can cause some confusion. This is why root symbols may be used to try and resolve the confusion. That way a specific $100 range can be identified.

A certified financial advisor can help with this rather than you having to take it on by yourself. Working closely with a financial advisor can also help you to relieve a lot of the confusion that can occur when it comes to stock option symbols and making sure the right information is relayed. It is not a mystery that some symbols can be quite confusing, especially to those who are getting started. Over time, an individual can learn the appropriate symbols so that they can better understand what is going on within their options account.

Understanding Symbols

As a consumer, it may be difficult to understand all of the symbols that you may encounter. However, it can help in your communications with your financial advisor. Plus, when you see them you understand them. Understanding the months can be simple and because expiration dates on options are only every few months, you will only need to know a few of them, but you must know the difference between calling and putting, which is buying and selling respectively. Making sure you use the right letter will identify which you are doing so that the transaction is carried out accordingly.

But if you do have any questions and you want help in investing in options, you always have a certified financial advisor to help you do so. You can get answers to your questions or you can put many of your financial affairs in their hands. You tell them you want to invest in options and they will help you. If you're not sure that you can afford to, you can have your financial advisor evaluate your financial situation and that will help you make the right investing decisions for your financial situation.

With the right help, you will find that investing in stock options can be fun and can be profitable. Over time, you will learn the ins and outs and be able to recognize stock option symbols so you can create a strategy.

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