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A Stockton financial advisor can help you realize your long and short-term goals in California. From business owners to people planning parenthood, there is a California financial advisor who is trained to provide you with the advice you need for retirement savings as Roth 401k plans, personal or other loans, buying a home, or planning a college education. Talk to a Stockton financial advisor today to start planning for the future.

Anyone can benefit from the financial advice a Stockton financial advisor can provide. Perhaps you have found the perfect company in Stockton, CA, and would like to know how to proceed in securing the financing to start it. Maybe you already own a company and would like to expand, or perhaps you would like to begin offering 401k plans to employees. No matter what kind of monetary advice you need, a Stockton advisor can help.

Starting a Business

Small businesses are the backbone of the nation's economy. With the right planning up front, a company cannot only succeed but thrive. If you have considered starting a business but have been confused with all of the information available, a Stockton financial advisor can help. From the loan process through the insurance regulations, a consultant will walk you through the maze of uncertainty that comes with starting a small company.

Small company loans can be confusing. From the plan to the interviews with loan officers, the entire process can seem overwhelming. That is where a Stockton consultant can help. The first step to securing a loan in California is determining your needs. Do you need startup capital or is the money going to be used as a cushion against risk? Is the company seasonal? What is the current market for your trade is it stable or depressed? Do you have a business plan? If you do not have a plan, you should talk to a Stockton financial advisor about creating one.

A business plan should cover everything from the goals of your company to a biography of the management team. It should address a marketing strategy as well as defining the potential market available in Stockton for your services or products. You have at least a three-year financial projection and preferably a five-year. Finally, you should have an exit strategy, in other words what will you do when you are ready to retire from the company. A Stockton consultant can help you put together a comprehensive plan that will cover all of the key components any lender wants to see. If you have a good business plan, you have a good start to securing a small business loan.

Small Business Loans

There are many loans available to help small businesses start or expand. The United States Small Business Administration is full of financial advisors who can help you with your company needs. They have several loan programs, which are specifically geared towards helping small businesses, succeed. The most flexible loan program they have available is the 7(a) Loan Program. There are several types of 7(a) loans available. Talk to a Stockton financial advisor to determine which one is the right one for the needs you have.

You can also apply for a line of credit that will give you access to funds, as you need them, up to a certain amount. This type of financing is unsecured and is available for established business owners who would like to supplement their cash flow, take advantage of a new opportunity, or expand their production. There are also optional features available to add including credit protection, which would defer the payments if you are ill or injured and cannot work. Talk to a Stockton financial advisor to determine if a line of credit will provide you the security you need.

Although going through the loan process can be daunting, a Stockton financial advisor can provide you with the advice you need for each step of the process. Be sure to work with an advisor who is well versed in all aspects of small business financing and is licensed to do business in California. You want an advisor who will listen carefully to your long and short-term goals and will help you develop a comprehensive plan to reach them.

A Stockton financial advisor can be an excellent source of information for any monetary need. No matter whether you have a limited income or are a multi-millionaire you can benefit from the advice available through a solid financial advisor. Whether you are thinking about retiring and would like to speak with an investment advisor, or are starting a small business and could use the advice of a certified public accountant, there is a Stockton financial planner who is trained to help you realize your dreams of financial security.

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