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A Ventura financial advisor understands the pressures and anxieties that personal finances can impose on you. A professional advisor's role is to step in and teach you strategies for streamlining your budget, preparing your taxes and planning for your future as a retiree. Let an expert take over some of the tasks of managing your finances so that you can devote more of your personal time to your family, friends and hobbies.

In the relaxed atmosphere of Ventura, CA, a community located on the Pacific Coast of Southern California, you can reduce stress and take advantage of the area's recreational opportunities by hiring a CA advisor to share your financial planning responsibilities. A Ventura financial advisor may have a specialized background in retirement planning, securities or marriage and divorce issues. A California financial advisor who's also a certified public accountant, or CPA, may be an expert in tax preparation.

The key to finding the right Ventura financial advisor is to identify a professional whose training and education meet your needs. You can contact an advisor in Ventura and collect preliminary information through this website. Interview several experienced advisors to discuss their work history in Ventura, their areas of expertise, special certifications or licenses and their fee schedule. Ask friends and colleagues about their experiences working with financial professional in California to find a reputable, reliable college planning advisor.

Comparing CA Retirement Plans

Helping you prepare financially for the years when you've stopped working is one of the specialties of a Ventura financial advisor. With its mild seaside climate and pleasant family environment, Ventura is the ideal place to retire or raise your children. Whether you're in the early stages of parenthood or you're preparing to wrap up a career, having comprehensive plans for your senior years is vital to your financial future.

The most basic strategies for saving are the 401k, an employer-sponsored contribution plan that allows you to have money automatically deducted from your paychecks before taxes, and the IRA, or individual retirement arrangement. You can open an IRA whether or not you have a 401k through your employer. An IRA is a personal tax-deferred account that allows your money to grow over the years until you're eligible to make withdrawals as a senior. Talk with your Ventura financial advisor to develop a strategy that works with your career and retirement goals.

With a Roth IRA, you contribute a portion of your income after taxes, but you will owe no taxes on your distributions when you're ready to collect. With both of these individual arrangements, the IRS sets limits on the amount of money you can contribute each year. With a traditional IRA, you are required to start collecting distributions at a certain age. With the Roth plan, requirements for collecting distributions from your account are more flexible.

If you're working with a Ventura financial advisor who's an investment specialist, you may decide to be more adventurous with your investments and build your own portfolio of stocks, bonds or money market accounts. Depending on your level of risk tolerance and the fluctuations of the market, you could earn considerable returns by investing independently. An advisor will tell you that the longer you allow your investments to mature, the greater your chances of earning profitable dividends.

Caring for Family Members in California

Americans in their 40s and 50s have been called the "sandwich generation" because these middle-aged adults frequently end up having financial responsibilities for both their adult children and their elderly parents. You may have children in their 20s who have just graduated from college are living at home in Ventura for financial reasons, or a parent in his or her 70s or 80s with advanced medical needs. In either case, you've probably felt the strain on your finances as a result.

Taking care of elderly parents can be a sensitive topic. If your parents are still physically independent, they may want to manage their own finances and continue to live in their own home in Ventura. If your mother or father suffers from a neurological condition such as Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease, he or she may need 24-hour nursing care as the condition progresses. Work with your Ventura financial advisor to make the arrangements for increased medical expenses and long-term care needs.

When you have a Ventura financial advisor on your side, it's easier to cope with these added responsibilities. Managing your household budget, saving for your future and caring for family members doesn't seem so overwhelming when you can consult your advisor about your questions or concerns. As you're taking care of others, you should also provide for your own needs by working with your Ventura financial advisor to develop a plan for a comfortable, secure lifestyle after you retire.

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