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A Warwick financial advisor understands that most professionals can manage their own money; however, an Rhode Island advisor also knows that the proper guidance can help you maximize those funds. When you focus your goals with the help of an experienced RI financial professional, you have a better chance of reaching your objectives within your desired time frame. Instead of struggling for years to save money, work with a Warwick financial advisor to start building a more prosperous life today.

As part of the Providence metropolitan area, Warwick enjoys the same conveniences and cultural offerings that are available in the capital city of RI. As you build your career in Warwick, prepare for parenthood and plan for your children's college education, take advantage of the knowledge and experience that a Warwick financial advisor can offer. Share the responsibilities of planning a budget or preparing your taxes with a financial advisor, so that you and your family can enjoy more personal time together.

Hiring an Advisor in RI

Finding a financial advisor in Rhode Island isn't difficult, but you may need to devote some time to finding the Warwick financial advisor whose training and expertise fit your goals. If you're interested in investing in the stock market, an advisor who specializes in divorce law or retirement planning may not be the right choice for you. If you need help with tax preparation for your small business, a certified public accountant, or CPA, who works as a financial advisor could be the perfect match.

Investment advisors typically have specialized training in securities, while retirement planners specialize in the needs of senior citizens or younger adults who are preparing for their future as retirees. Although you'll find that many financial professionals in Warwick can address almost any personal financial need, every consultant has his or her area of expertise. Many planners and advisors have credentials, licenses, certifications or degrees that reflect their training and background.

Before you talk with a Warwick financial advisor, it's important to evaluate your needs and goals. Do you want to build a long-term working relationship with a Rhode Island consultant, or are you looking for a planner to help you with a budget or other specific project? Do you need advice on opening a 401k, IRA or Roth IRA, or are you more interested in educational savings strategies than retirement options? Have your objectives in mind when you have your initial conversation with a Warwick financial advisor.

Educational Savings Plans

Many families in Warwick seek help from a Warwick financial advisor when they realize how much the costs of a college education have increased. Many young adults are graduating from universities and colleges with student loans that place them at a disadvantage financially before they've even started their careers. State-sponsored educational savings vehicles may offer a solution to young parents who are struggling to set aside money for their children's future.

Educational savings plans, or ESPs, are tax-deferred strategies that allow you to save for the future costs of tuition. When you invest in an ESP or prepaid tuition plan, the state government guarantees that the funds you accumulate will cover tuition costs. Your plan may not cover your child's costs of housing, food or transportation completely; however, an ESP can make a significant difference in how much your family has to spend for your child's academic fees. If your child decides not to go to college, your funds can be transferred to another family member.

Estate Planning in Warwick

Helping you plan the distribution of your property is an area of specialization for many advisors in Warwick. Whether or not you're wealthy, you have an estate, or assets, that you'll want to leave to your loved ones. You will also need a life insurance policy to provide benefits to your dependents after your death, so that your spouse and children can maintain their standard of living if anything should happen to you.

Your life insurance benefits can pay for the costs of your funeral and burial or cremation. These benefits should be sufficient to pay off any outstanding debts and cover any legal fees associated with administering your estate. Because the benefits from a life insurance policy are generally exempt from income tax, they may serve an inheritance to your children. Your children or other beneficiaries may be subject to gift or inheritance taxes on these benefits.

Your Warwick financial advisor can help you write a will and advance directive, and choose a proxy to make decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Keep these documents in a fire-proof safe or other secure location. When it's time for your loved ones to receive the inheritance you've left them, you'll have made all the proper arrangements with your Warwick financial advisor.

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