Who are Financial Advisors?

Financial advisors are individuals who specialize in helping clients manage their finances, from family budgeting to college savings to retirement portfolio strategies. These financial professionals are capable of taking on challenges in any area of investors' financial lives. Tax strategies, insurance choices, and general wealth management are some of the individual areas of concentration different advisors may focus on. For many investors, they are looking for someone who can guide them through the basics. If they can get their own household finances under control, they feel that they will be better able to venture out into the market and do some investing. For others, their needs are more specialized or advanced. For this group, they may be better off searching for an advisor specializing in a certain area of personal finance.

Advisors Serve Individuals and Businesses

Financial advisors are well known for the help they give clients with their personal finance issues. But these professionals are also well acquainted with business finance. In fact, many of them deal exclusively in that area. It is important to note that though there are quite a few financial advisors who could be called generalists, there are many others who specialize only in a certain area or areas. Before you begin the search for a qualified local advisor to help you with your personal or business finances, you need to assess exactly what kind of help you are looking for and work backwards from there. Come up with a list of the things you are trying to accomplish with the help of a professional and try to match someone up with the things on your list.

Small Businesses Face Big Challenges

If you're a small business owner facing significant financial challenges, a certified local financial advisor may be just the right person to help you get some positive momentum established for your company. Maybe you're looking for additional resources for capital expansion projects. Or perhaps you see opportunities to invest in other companies that require cash that you lack as a business. Some businesses call on advisors to help them with insurance issues. You can even get your employee health insurance taken care of this way. Some industries require a fair amount of liability insurance and policies of that nature. Expenses of this sort can bury a small business if you don't get the best prices available and save wherever you can on your premiums. Advisors can also work with you to set up key man life insurance policies to ensure smooth business ownership transition in the event you should pass. When your company is your legacy, it is critical to make sure that legacy will far outlive you.

From IRAs to REITs

Financial advisors work with investors of all levels of experience and of varying investment capability and risk aversion tendencies. The more money you have in your portfolio and the more complex your set of investments, the more face time you are likely to get with your advisor. Investors who simply set up a SEP IRA and begin making automatic contributions to it on a pretax basis from their paychecks will not need to visit their finance pro unless changes are needed. They will likely get a quarterly statement and maybe a letter once a year. But others who do much more complex and lucrative investing will need to spend more time in person with their advisors. If you want to set up a real estate investment trust or just need more information on how or what to invest, get in touch with a qualified local financial advisor.

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