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Todd E. Hoins

Brokerage Specialists, Inc.

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Hour planning can mean more than a lifetime of work

About Brokerage Specialists, Inc.

Brokerage Specialists, is a fiduciary investment advisory firm, WE do not sell securities we provide you our Asset management services and advice. Much like a doctor will advise you on your health. We do the same with your retirement plans such as 401k, simple IRA's and Roth IRA's.

our firms core principal is to always work for the individual investing money and not the Investment company. This is why we do not sell securities, but offer you our professionally managed investment portfolios. We will also give you a monthly performance report on your assets under management. This is our score card on how your investments are being managed.

We will advise you on these topics:

1. Social Security planning with a personalized report on your own benefits, and when to collect them.

2. A Color of money risks analysis, This report gives you a detailed report on how much risks you are taking in your investments.

3. A GPS Report, this is our compass report and this will give you a income based report on when to take money from each of your different retirement plans, including Social Security.

Brokers sell products, a fiduciary investment advisor sells advice and management services.

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Our asset management services is based on assets you have under management. We do not have a straight percentage for all as this would not be fair to most individual investors.