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Find The Best Financial Advisors in Springfield, Missouri

Springfield, Missouri, home to one of the original highway systems in the United States, Route 66, is the third largest city in Missouri. With a low cost of living that is 12% lower than the national average, having an experienced financial advisor by your side that can guide you toward a more secure financial future may be a wise idea. Out of the more than 1,100 financial advisers in Springfield, finding one that is best to take on your unique financial goals may be difficult. helps individuals like you connect with vetted financial advisors who would be the best fit to guide your financial decisions.

How To Find The Best Financial Advisors in Springfield, Missouri

Last Updated - 30-May-2023

If you’re looking for qualified financial advisors in Springfield, Missouri, is a useful resource. We've compiled a list of the 1 vetted financial advisors and 78 non-vetted financial advisors in Springfield, Missouri, along with their fee structure, investment strategies, financial services they provide, and more. These financial advisors in Springfield, Missouri have an average of 6 years of experience.

If you need more personalized assistance, you may also use our free financial advisor match service to find, compare and connect with 2 to 3 financial advisors matched to your specific needs, who serve in your area.

List of Qualified Financial Advisors in Springfield, Missouri


Lisa J Hamilton

Hamilton Financial Planning, LLC

238 S Jefferson, Suite B

Lebanon, MO 65536


Top Financial Advisor Firms in Missouri (Ranked by AUM)

Firm Name Firm CRD# Total AUM No. of Clients Fee Structure
910 East St Louis St, Suite 400 Springfield, MO 65806
110905 $7,399,111,171 11893 A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
300 South Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65806
113914 $5,082,616,561 151 A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees, Performance Based, Other (A PERCENTAGE OF ASSETS UNDER ADVISEMENT)
1256 E Kingsley St, Springfield, MO 65804-7211
106691 $916,969,027 2290 A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees, Other (MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION FEE)
1201 E. Walnut Street, Springfield, MO 65802
147578 $514,942,326 1435 A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees
620 W. Republic Road, Suite 104 Springfield, MO 65807
145628 $345,288,000 1735 A percentage of AUM, Hourly charges, Fixed fees, Other (SHARES IN FEES PAID TO THIRD PARTY ADVISERS; % OF PLAN ASSETS)

Additional Financial Advisors in Missouri

* Additional advisors listing is provided in partnership with Yext

Financial Advisor Office Location Phone Number
Baron Financial Group
Inquire with Baron
2432 East Madrid, Springfield, MO 65804 417-886-1111
Andy Stewart
Inquire with Andy
1535 East Primrose St, Springfield, MO 65804 417-885-1601
Adria Schmidtke
Inquire with Adria
1535 East Primrose St, Springfield, MO 65804 417-885-1645
Achieve Private Wealth
Inquire with Achieve
1525 E Republic Rd, Ste B-115 Springfield, MO 65804 417-877-0252
Phillip Johnson
Inquire with Phillip
1531 E Bradford Pkwy, Suites 210-3 Springfield, MO 65804 417-881-6300
Donald Heaney
Inquire with Donald
2609B E Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65804 417-888-4437
Seth Murray
Inquire with Seth
1342 E Kingsley St, Ste E Springfield, MO 65804 417-881-9200
Thomas Tobin
Inquire with Thomas
2609B E Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65804 417-888-5833
Kyle Borneman
Inquire with Kyle
1342 E Kingsley St, Ste E Springfield, MO 65804 417-881-9200
Gus Krafve
Inquire with Gus
2609B E Sunshine St, Springfield, MO 65804 417-888-4445

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hire a financial advisor to manage my money?

The core objective of a financial advisor is to get your finances on the right track & help you strategize your spendings, investments & savings to mitigate the future financial risks. A financial advisor creates a plan for you based on your short term & long term financial goals keeping the market situations into consideration and provides you a roadmap to attain those goals.

How can I pick a good financial advisor?

A good financial advisor is the one who has a sound knowledge of managing finances, the experience of working with market ups & downs & most importantly - understands your financial goals & needs well. To find a 'good' financial advisor, you need to get your financial goals defined & choose the best fiduciary financial advisor that puts your best interest on priority. Choose the best financial advisor for you with our financial advisor's directory.

What's the difference between a financial planner and a financial advisor?

A financial advisor provides a vast spectrum of advisory investment management, debt repayment, tax planning, estate planning, retirement planning, insurance depending on your need, whereas a financial planner helps you create a financial plan to help you meet your goals. While the work of a financial planner & a financial overlap at a certain point, there is a fine line of difference based on cost, goals & way of working between the two.

How much money should I have before getting a financial advisor?

The cost of a financial advisor depends upon factors like experience, certifications & the type of financial advisor. Cost varies as per the type of financial advisor you choose as no one-size-fits-all compensation option for advisors. The most common ways a financial advisor is compensated are fee-only, hourly rates, commission-based, fixed flat rates & percentage of the account. You need to talk to your advisor about the cost involved before hiring the one.

What type of financial advisor do I need?

Given a wide variety of financial advisors, if you are unable to analyze the type of financial advisor you need, you should consult an advisor who can look at the complete picture. In general terms, the CFP or ChFC certified financial advisor is a preferred choice as in order to achieve the certification one needs a good amount of hands-on experience.

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